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  • OH YEAH!!!!!
  • YES some do, but NOT all of them
  • I believe that cat eating is an acceptable (but rare) practice in Asian countries and is considered an expensive delicacy in China. In most other countries it is considered barbaric and primitive. No matter what country you live in though... I don't think a girl would appreciate it if you ate her pet feline. ;)
  • not all if you dont know how to do it and you dont find her spot she is not gonna like it
  • Some love it (depending if yor good or good) some are scared(they might think you think their pussy stinks) and some just dont like it
  • As long as it is done right. As long as the guy doesn't hurt her. And he needs to ask her what feels good!
  • It really depends on my mood. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
  • for some girls it could feel weird having a guy down there but if she finds a guy that finds all her spots then she would love it
  • I don't understand the DR on this Q unless it is because he doesn't want to do it.
  • I love it
  • Eating pussy is the most fun a guy can have with his clothes on. But you don't want to go and eat a bunch of whores. Whores don't care about pussy eating. I married a whore. They don't make good wives. Have fun with the whores. Have them show their pussy in public. But there must be a point where you leave them. You must not cross the line and marry a whore. You will pay for it.
  • Not only do you want to eat the pussy, but there is an asshole that wants attention. If she's just bathed don't be afraid to lick the anus. If she likes it she won't leave you alone. Your job is to please the girl. The anus has nerve endings like the pussy. The way for a guy to learn about how it feels maybe take something very soft and wet and stroke your anus with it and that's how it will feel to her and then decide you will be the man and lick the anus.
  • Will she like it? A majority just naturally does. But there is also a foolproof solution and that is "conversation." By definition, "talk" is another 4-letter word meaning "intercourse." The difference between "Rape" and "Making Love" is: The story that precedes the act. If you tell the right story she will be anxiously awaiting you to "Make Love to her" in every way possible before you ever touch her. Spend a little time telling her how good it is going to be and how much you WANT and DESIRE HER. If she thinks she is important to your happiness, she will not want to disappoint you and will enjoy making you as satisfied as she is going to be. Hmmm, sounds like the Golden Rule, huh???
  • --------------every girl i have lick like it
  • yes, they should but interest should vary. Oral sex is just one part of the fertilization act-the one before the male of the species inserts its device into the female. Remember how clean the artificial insemination lab is? This is nature's way of preparing the specimens for reproduction. Also it emotionally (since we are humans) and physiologically prepares us for the act. We as humans have the 6th sense have put LOT OF THOUGHT INTO IT-lol. So naturally speaking it should be one of the basic instincts we have and therefore girls should like it-because of the human brain but there are other related developments which makes the response vary. For example, have you noticed that after a good foreplay always a woman "demands" to place the penis inside of her!
  • me being a girl i would know. it feels amazing. it makes her heart beat fast. if it's her first time getting her pussy licked, don't do anything too crazy. (leave the ass-licking out of it, just do pussy the first few times.) start kissing her neck and work your way downward to her pussy. she will love you forever.

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