• Marketing and promotions for vegetarian foods is done much the same as any other foods, however, rather than advertising/marketing to the main stream media, it is more often marketed through specialty channels such as special interest media (specialty food magazines, health & fitness magazines, vegetarian magazines...) and health food stores (trial or sample marketing). Most of the vegetarian food comapanies still participate in the big food trade shows as well as organic and health food specialty trade shows. Trade show marketing is a highly effective tool for the food industry as the attendees are generally restaurant food buyers.
  • I think most of the time it is promoted more as a healthy lifestyle or food choice. I've noticed the magazines about vegetarianism caters to all peoples and highlights the nutrition and health of the foods.
  • PETA definitely promotes vegetarian food and recipes in their magazines. I believe PETA even has a separate magazine for vegans.
  • Vegetarian food is promoted mostly by health institutions; Ayurvedic medicine recommends vegetarianism and is the oldest known form of promotion channel for vegies.
  • Sadly, sometimes by clogged arteries (and cardiologists) when it comes down to do or die. Quite a unique method of promotion.

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