• That everyone I know is constantly trying to make my life a living hell. Don't know if it's irrational or not, but the feeling is quite real anyways.
  • So childish, but its the 'dark'... I'm fine when I go to sleep but I get creeped out walking through a building or my house if there isn't any lights on. I get worried that there is someone lurking in the dark just 'watching' me... I'm sure I'd be more comfortable if they just jumped out and attacked me! Hahah... Irrational. Completely.
  • I fear natural gas explosions. These types of explosions occur around here from time to time in abandoned buildings and this has given me anxiety whenever I hear loud noises.
  • Fear of Ghosts..
  • Mine is rambutans... I dun dare to touch them. I hate the fact that it is red and hairy.. and sometimes the hair is green. But i do eat rambutans... wierd right?
  • I'm scared of mimes. and clowns.
  • Clowns....I HATE clowns!!
  • Mine is getting hit in the head by a ball. I always put a huge berth between me and whoever is chucking a footy or a soccer ball around.
  • Being burned alive..which is why although I believe cremation is the ecologically better way to go, I am having problems with making that choice..of course one says, "you're won't feel anything..". I say "how do you know you don't feel anything? The dead cannot tell us anything about what to expect". It's comparable to the fear of undergoing major surgery, being given an anesthetic and suffering great pain but being unable to communicate that to the surgeon! :(
  • Mine is not being able to curb my desire of sex: Prof.Mes
  • everyones fears are a lot more logical than mine :) im not sure if anyone will know these...but i am not scared of anything creepy-crawly-wise but in south africa we have these beetles that look like peanuts with their reddish skins still on, that come out in the last part of the year...we call them 'christmas beetles' because of this. and i absolutely freak out when they are in the vicinity....i feel so lame but maybe its from a bad childhood experience?
  • great white shark attack...on land.
  • That my friends all secretly despise me behind my back and plot things against me. Also, i love vampires and if i had a choice to be one I would.
  • giant man eating anaconda.
  • Zombies coming to attack me...I'm afraid to go outside at dark for that reason. It's really very annoying. I hate to be in the dark and not knowing what may be coming for me.
  • Lava. I had nightmares of lava pouring in through my bedroom window when I was young, all the way up until I was 14 or 15. Now, a decade later, I still shiver when I think about it. I'm from the Pacific Northwest, about 100 SW of Mount St Helens, which is an active volcano, so I guess thats why the odd fear...
  • running over animals when im driving ha!
  • Nothingness. It's hard to explain in detail, but that's my illogical fear.

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