• Im not in love with you but I really enjoy your company and the time we spend together.
  • That's a grievous situation you got there dood
  • Just say that you respect her a lot and you will never forget her for all the moments you spent togehter, but you decided to let her go bcause you can not give her love and she should be able to have a chance to find someone else ! And you dude: Go to find your happiness!
  • You can't tell them without hurting there feelings (unless they feel the same way...) Just tell it like it is.. it's going suck, but you can do it, I have faith in you.
  • Not in love as in...........anymore? If you've fallen out of love then an explanation would be a good idea but if you never profest your love to begin with than maybe a nice ....... not looking for a serious relationship would suffice.
  • A hand-written letter will do the trick. Yes, its old-fashioned, but it works. Its something a person can hold in their hands and read over and over again. Let this person down easy with your words. thank them for being your friend and tell how much you enjoy their company. It will work.
  • Just be like "I like your company, but I tihnk we are moving along too fast here, and should slow it down." +5
  • yeah there's no such thing. It will hurt them. Best tho to do it fast tho, like ripping off a band aid. Supposed to hurt less i guess....
  • I don't see the point of why you need to tell the person that you don't love them...I mean, is it necessary? Sounds like the only reason you would tell someone that is to hurt them
  • just tell them how u feel wat happens is 4 the best i mean if u dont love someone u dont love them just say u want 2 stay with them but u dont love them but u could do 1 day! cara x
  • some people can take it, so the only thing you can do is live on chance. if you realy care about this person you should not mislead them, just tell them exactly how you feel so that they dont get the wrong idea.
  • I just went thru this....I cared about him and liked him but didn't want to be his girlfriend since i didn't feel all in love...i do love him as a great friend but i am not in love with him, so i told him that...the look on his face hurt me...I felt so bad that i was letting him down, but it had to be done...especially when i read his notebook and he wrote that he want to have twin boys with me and a girl!! good luck and they will be hurt but it's better than lying to them. the truth hurts, this i know.
  • such telling some times pains both of the friends, but if u have to do it, don't tell it directly but rather do some small acts,sayings,... what ever to awake him u r not in love but rather just friendship, and of course tell him lastly as the worst case solution!!
  • I would tell them in the start that I am not looking for any thing serious. N if they still try or have feelings for you like that then just say I told you from the start. But it is good that you are truthful so it dont hurt more when he falls more.
  • Next time she tries to make a move on you just say" To be honest, I really like hanging out with you but I see you as a friend only. I hope you understand."
  • Say I love you but I'm not "In love" with you. Just let her know you will always care and always be a friend.
  • I don't think you can. If they have strong feelings for you, and you tell them that you just want to be friends, that is very painful to hear. Tell them how you feel, hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.
  • I don't think its necessary to tell them that. Your actions alone should speak volumes. Enjoying company and spending time together is also hanging out as friends unless you're giving mixed signals and you're being intimate. Saying that you'd just like to be friends should be enough...........
  • Being a guy who was "just a friend" 3 times over, nothing sucks more than being a "friend". I/the guy by then has invested a quite a bit ( like his heart and soul)into the girl and to then just become a friend, a close second to the real deal, just plain sucks no matter how you sugar coat it. If somehow he goes along with it, rest assured he will be nothing more than a Knight in Shining Armor waiting for that chance to rescue you that will never come wanting nothing more than to have you again. Do him a very big favor and tell him like it is, free him from his mental misery.
  • How would you like to be told the same thing? Figure that out and then tell her that same way. You would probably want her to be straight with you. That way you don't spend time barking up the wrong tree, plus you would feel connected and respected enough since you weren't being coddled like someone who needed to be protected.
  • I have experience at trying to do that. It doesn't work. They take it personally. They don't realize it's about you . . . not them. How does one help it if you just simply turn off? It's about not being able to maintain a relationship that goes from infatuation to real love. At least that was my problem
  • you have to let her know before she get deeply in love with you.she'll understand i rather a guy tell me that he dont love me instead of me wasting my time loving him.
  • By not giving them the perception that you might love them in the first place. It's called being honest and forthright.
  • I Love you, but I'm not IN LOVE with You... Get the reversed answer, see it from woman's point of view here: P. S. I guess you learn more about yourself. Best of Luck
  • as a guy, you need to save all of the cliches like, "it's not you, it's me" does not last forever......but, you should not cry because it is should smile because it happened.....take care...Brian......
  • i did this yesterday... i said slow down lets smell the roses along the way and enjoy the journey to where ever it leads.....worked for me +5

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