• I'll answer this question because i think there's a message. My suggestion is that your question could be more effective if you wouldn't limit it to two choices. A man may not be especially wise, but it doesn't mean he's off his rocker. You might ask an open question such as "How wise is/was your grandfather?" or "In what ways was your grandfather wise?" Anyway... My grandfather had very little formal education, growing up on a farm in the midwest USA early in the last century. Still, he could read and write well. He also spoke two languages. He understood mechanics, nature, agriculture human nature well. He also had keen insight into social and political conditions. He was not wise as to business and always earned under his potential, but knew very well how to save money and conserve resources. Here are some of the things he taught me. Judge whether he was wise. "Learn to like whatever you do and nobody can give you a job you don't like." "Do everything your boss asks of you and a little more. You'll always have work." (This has proven true for me.) "Always work as if you're being watched." "Think whatever you like, but be careful of what you say." "Before you decide if a report is true, consider the source. What does he have to gain from your believing him?" "What isn't said can't be heard and what isn't heard can't be repeated." "Pay as much attention to what isn't said as you do to what is said." "If you don't use something at least twice, you've wasted it." "Don't throw away anything you can use; there's little you can't use." "Don't replace what you can fix and take care of what you have so you don't have to fix it often." "Pay attention to old people. They were once young, but young people have never been old." "You don't need to like someone to get along with him and work together." The older i get, the wiser this advice seems. I'd love to hear what others think.
  • Hey Bruceytom your grandfather sounded alot like mine, and I agree with you whole heartily Mine came from a poor family in the dust bowl in TX, large family. He was a kind and gentle man all his life. I'm not sure I ever heard him say a bad word against any one, In fact he was known for saying"There's good in ever one" you could point out that this person was a really bad sort, mean and nasty etc and he would say but they have nice hair so there's still good in him. He truly believe ever one had good in them in some way, and just didn't want people to go around putting others down He worked hard all his life, didn't have much education but when on to own 2 business, and retired from another and left a very large estate even after his wife lived on it for some yrs, to us grand kids He always told us 4 grand daughters: treat others as you wish to be treated love your children, god only loaned them to you for alittle while always look for the good in someone, it may only be that they have pretty eyes never go to bed mad at your spouse because tomorrow may never come what ever you earn in life, keep putting alittle away for later
  • My grandfather was a very wise old man.
  • my grandpa was wise and he was AWESOME... he rode motorcycles... :D
  • I never knew my mom's dad, but my dad's dad was definitely off his rocker! I loved that man!
  • I am told one was wise - he died when I was 9 months old. The other was a wife-beating drunk.
  • One of my grandfathers died before I was born and the other died when I was very young so I don't remember him.
  • I never knew my paternal grandfather, but my maternal grandfather was a saint of a man of great wisdom.
  • Both of my grandfathers were/are extremely intelligent and wise men, although my maternal grandfather has had alzheimer's for a few years now.
  • my grandfather flew a spy plane in the Korean war...he is full of secrets, very tough, and a respectable man....Its amazing the old man is still alive....but I think he is one of the wisest people I have ever met.
  • My Grandfather was a little off his rocker but that was what I liked about him, He was never boring.
  • my grandfather is the best man that i know i just love him
  • Everyone in my family - grandfathers included - are completely off their rockers. Everyone.
  • WAY OUT THERE IN LEFT FIELD me and my sister drove 2500 miles to see him. When we got there he pulled a gun on us.
  • When I use to go to my grandparent's house my grandpa let me play drums on his head so he was a very wise man.

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