• Niacin is a B Vitamin which helps you metabolize things faster amongst others. Helps give you energy and all that good stuff. Flushing things out of your system depends on your body's speed of metabolizing things. If you have more fat, then you don't metabolize very fast. Nicotine doesn't hang out in your body too long. There are receptors that it binds to and creates the side effects that it does, once it wears off your body rids itself of it. I don't know of a way to detach it from your receptors, the drug Chantix blocks it from attaching. Stop smoking!!! You can take Niacin to help metabolize it faster, if you take alot you are gonna have some pretty bright yellow urine (kind of like when you drink a whole bunch of vitamin water) what your body doesn't use dumps out in the urine. If you took a few puffs off a cigarette today, I wouldn't worry too much about it 24 hours from now. Just don't do it again.

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