• No, we can all co-habit earth.
  • I wish to say I think it would be, but men have always been dominant. Look at the way the presidential election is going. If the usa has a woman president, it could ultimately pave the way to women being considered equal. I believe time will be the factor. The older generations are more used to women being more submissive in society, but the younger generation is starting to view them as equal.
  • It already is, we just let you men think you are in control. LOL.
  • Exactly what would make you think that it is a woman's world?
  • It already is. What are you talking about? :) lol
  • nah, not next anyway... the ants booked it way in advanced, but i guess we can have it after that...oh, no, wait...aliens have that :P
  • Not if all the men have something to say about it. :P JK!
  • No, I don't think so. Not because I'm sexist, but because that's the reality----men control too much of almost everything----civilizations were built from the strength of men's hands. This control continues today in government, police, the military, finance, construction of buildings, etc. However, it IS a woman's world in that we have more compassion in the world today and the importance placed on nurturing and motherhood. Women AND men need to recognize that better, for it will help in the survival of mankind and furthering of peace and goodwill.
  • Only when we decide we want it. We're the majority.
  • Not the whole world. There are many cultures in the world with quite a bit of population that treat women as a lower class than men and will not give an inch.
  • As a woman, I personally hope not. Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy with it being a "man's world" either - but an equal world would be great. Both sexes bring such great diversity to the table.
  • (It is already now. Read this joke which is popular in India). At last, god appeared to humans and said: "I have come to assess the situation of my creation. I want men to form two queues - one queue for men who dominated their women, and the other for men who were dominated by their women. Further, I want all the women to go away so that no man and woman can talk while the queues are formed" When God came back after a while, the women are gone and there are two queues. The queue for the men who were dominated by their women is 100 miles long. In the other queue, there is only one man. God got angry and said, "You men should be ashamed of yourselves. I created you in my image, and you are not using what you can. Look at the only one of my sons who stood up in the other queue and made me proud. Learn from him!" The men did not give reply. "Tell them, my son, how did you manage to be the only one in this queue?" The man replied, "I do not know sir! My wife told me to stand here."
  • It is a woman’s world, at least for me. I am very happy to let my wife be the leader in our relationship. She has better judgment and decision making skills and has not lead us astray yet.
  • Has it ever not been?
  • It ain't yo???...
  • Are you kidding?? It already is!! CONSIDER: QUESTION: Independence; Choice; Power, Happiness, etc. Are Women any Better Off Today than 30 Years Ago?? Well, I think there are some very good and accurate comments here. In the past, I have found that very unusual. From my point, let’s put it this way: As one professional male counterpart said to me not so long ago: "Any thinking person can see that feminists haven't done women any big favours!" 40 years ago women may not have been employed, but, then, most of them wanted it that way. Now, many seemed forced to work! Today, because the economies of the world have responded to the presence of dual incomes in a home, the resultant pressures - both, social and economic - FORCE women to work!! So, have women gained greater choice [as originally hoped by all this]? NO! They are now chained, more than ever, to their lifestyle and to the apparent need to work – no longer a choice!! ARE THEY ANY MORE SECURE? NO! Their access to money may appear as a [counterfeit] security, but clearly, both - men and women are far less secure today in their family and inter-personal relationships than any other recent period of history would ever declare them. Their [so-called] 'greater independence' has led to total independence (the divorced style) - unchosen, in many cases. Many now become the unwilling single parents – forced, out of the circumstance of pursuing "greater independence", to look after their offspring as single parents! They gained their independence from men, but only to render a need for greater dependence upon their offspring, whether sooner, or later!! BUT LET”S BE FORGETTING WOMEN FOR THE MOMENT: DO YOU THINK CHILDREN ARE ANY BETTER OFF IN THIS NEW WORLD OF BROKEN HOMES THAT NEW ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES HAVE BROUGHT TO THEM? So, just to illustrate how dangerous the whole situation is, it’s time for a little threatening: Do you think these children, one day in the future, will not look to 'repay' us for the disaster we have left them – which we brought into their lives? The wheel turns, My Friends! One day, we will be dependent upon them - on their 'goodwill' ... on what we have taught them and the example we have set for them! ONE MORE THING WILL DO JUST FOR THE PRESENT: JOBS ... UNEMPLOYMENT ... Homes with Dual Incomes [usually with lesser human responsibility, such as less children, in them] VERSUS more Homes with No Income [the unemployed, who often have more children and whose wives, therefore, stay at home]. Women in employ take up the jobs and businesses of potential 'Breadwinners' of OTHER homes - especially, if they do not have children, or have few of them [by choice] ... because Kids are what provide WORK for Adults!!! That is, to run it more slowly passed you: Children cause us to have Jobs in the first place!! They outgrow shoes every few months – especially, when young. They outgrow their clothes regularly. These all economically need replacement; but while women are out there demanding their ‘equal jobs’ in the workforce, how many children are they providing the community in order to generate work in the economy?? Do you think you can out-eat a thriving, energetic 16, 17 or 18 year-old young man?? Food needs provision. No wonder our farmers have been economically driven out of home and house, and why our clothing industries and footwear industries have been all but become extinct! Factories, jobs, economy – all closing down on us!! And the West is having less of them [less children]! No wonder the East has been catching up to the West for decades!! After all, when we see it in the true light of day, the very First words to fall from the Great Creator's mouth to Adam and Eve were: "Be fruitful, Multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it" As these were the very First words of counsel given they will end up being the very Last by which civilized man will live or die, of himself!! You haven't got time to just think about this! We are all fast-approaching Death's knell. You have but time to act, and act now - positively. The choice is yours - today ... a choice for you and your posterity (or what you produce of them!)!! Not only are women generally worse off today; We all are! The Great Creator declared that man and woman were to become, and remain – forever – One Flesh. This is not a threat. But it all merely serves as a Promise of what will quickly result - more surely than that night follows day, if we do not change ‘post-haste’! God's Speed, My Friends. ITEM II: I write in response to your recent over 50’s article re, “The Rich and the Poor”, under “compton’s comment”. Most treatises open with a few worthwhile statements or observations, because most people usually have something valuable to say on most topics upon which they seem to have any expertise at all, and because it is the foremost in their minds. They will usually cover these most significant points within their opening sentences, or thoughts. I, however, found that your article, here, made its most significant statements during the closing paragraphs. So, I hope you don’t mind my quoting them as I make appropriate reference. These days I rarely bother responding to this type of theme or article, because I am used to receiving [the ignorant] ‘no answer’ from my recipient; but I perceived that you may possess something more than the usual scant level of integrity and intelligence that plagues the great bulk of today’s limited social and economic commentators. In saying this, I must concede that their limiting of themselves is more due to the fact that they follow [like, the proverbial, ‘sheep’] ‘the doctrine’ of the day and tend, therefore, to be, of ‘necessity’, locked into university/universal contemporary themes – though this be their very undoing and ultimate inaccuracy! In addition, I felt prompted, interpreting your request to be genuine and sincere, to respond to your ‘call’ for those with some “satisfactory” knowledge and “solutions” to the dilemmas you perceived as plaguing our society to ‘come forth’ with them. As for, “letting us all know quickly”, I have been informing public, as well as I was allowed by today’s censorious ‘powers-that-be’) – being but merely one individual – for nearly 2 decades now!!!!! Further to your own theme, I then like your topic and treatises over the two or three paragraphs following – ‘a few principles’ being basic. To quote: “Firstly, in an enlightened society, any government, whatever its ideology, must be responsible for ensuring that everyone has a job, a home, food, water, health care, education and transport as a fundamental right of human existence.” Now that maybe so … but it would seem to be only so, My Friend, under certain circumstances … for, you see, governments of almost any democratic nation only exist as such for their extremely limited time period and because the particular generation of those few years, misinformed or otherwise, voted them in. In fact, in light of the long-standing gravity of the dire situation that exists and this very fact, as mentioned first [above], it would seem that the problem roots far deeper than current governments of the world could possibly affect of themselves. Despite the misaligned, much-heralded belief that governments are responsible (which belief is one very prime reason that little is ever really changed or accomplished for the better now), governments are not the real leaders, nor the ‘gods’, of contemporary society at all! The ‘gods’, or true moving forces, of any society are those that are capable of two things regarding it: 1. They are capable of infiltrating or pervading practically all levels of a society AND of doing so over long periods of time; and 2. They are almost never scrutinized, or ‘called to task’ re ‘public accountability’! In other words, they are generally elevated to such a status that they are credited with being, ‘above ‘the cheapness’ of public scrutiny’! Only ‘gods’ can conduct themselves publicly as they please, or be sufficiently protected by the law that they may go about affecting public perception and practice almost at will! They tend to be those, over a long time period, who really do determine the fabric and direction a society will take and its ultimate economic outcomes! Now, who might that be in contemporary society?? Anciently, it was, largely, royalty and powerful religious leaders; but who is it today? … for the concept hasn’t ‘gone away’ at all; it has merely shifted source … but it is still as present with us as ever, nevertheless! (Note that in these ancient powerful persons, both groups generally exerted their respective influences upon public for long time periods, and both received deeply-ingrained, almost revered obeisance from their particular societies.) The ‘gods’ and real leaders of contemporary society (i.e. those who say who does what, what the standards might be and what should be the view, practice and policy of that field and what society should believe and how it should act – both, as a society and as individuals and economic professions and executors within society) are the academics and professors that run the world’s education systems of the day – their philosophies and their practices and their professional requirements. These are those, basically, above public scrutiny. In large measure, they are even revered by a large portion of general public today, and have been for generations. They are those even somewhat untouched and revered by the news media (a major achievement!! They have merely had their way of ‘keeping a low profile’!!). Except the [largely, unconsequential] topic of where contemporary institutions utilize their grants and public funding – which has little real bearing on anything of serious consequence – these institutions are almost NEVER called to task by the public, or any informed representatives of it, as to the legitimacy, practical benefit, morality, social or overall economic benefit of virtually, anything they teach! The little review that does occur, largely, seems to be an ‘inside affair’!!! Yet, they have gone about for decades, of which I’m aware, destroying society and its fabric! Now, with regard to tertiary education’s escape of the sharp blatant, often reckless, knife of news media, why on earth is it that the real issues of education have escaped this ‘doctor’s’ scalpel so long?!!! … Well, primarily, because a child, generally, holds some loyalty to its own parent! Those that operate in news media are only there because they were taught and trained how and from what perspective to approach their several subject matters by tertiary education itself. It taught/indoctrinated them. It graduated them for their ‘work’! They are there because they were graduated and honoured in their field before they left their ‘mother tertiary institutions’. Others that are also outside the effects of much in law, re the shaping of society and its behaviour, are the senior and Supreme Court Judges of most democratic lands. And the other major group (as cited): several news and television media also fall outside the grasps of Law re their published views and ‘findings’, under the banner of ‘freedom of the press’! All these people have access to the public attitude and its thinking; but even they are generally trained in the first instance by tertiary education! Now, just to revisit the concept of lack of governmental effect upon Western democracies, I believe such thoughts as I have expressed re lack of governmental effect today align to a degree with the thoughts of Thomas Jefferson (I believe it was), who stated, to the effect: “A government can only govern as effectively as its constituents follow the Christian teachings” [or meaning to that effect]. Perhaps, in considerable brief, then, I could illustrate, to a degree, just how literally his statement can apply in our Western society … for I have, many times previously, shown how following just a few certain basics can yield satisfactory results concerning “the fundamental rights of human existence”, which you present in your paper, here, as being basic social necessities that should be achieved by government. But, before I do so, however, I wish to again quote from your treatise, as I believe it carries very direct, specific reference, re its application to myself: My bothering, in the first place, to undertake this very literary task [yet again!!! … as, amongst countless other times and tasks I have previously undertaken over two decades now, I have also written and published, in 1992, at own expense, a book upon said topic], wherein I have bothered myself to respond to your [said] ‘call’, assuming it to be sincere! Your words were: “Above all, those with special skills must be given every incentive to develop them so they can create a world of excellence.” It is with such more positive, productive outlook foremost [more than I am used to witnessing] that I perceive a possible hope that my gift/”special skill”, or my pursuit and/or publication of it, may not be completely vain, for, so far, typical to the experience of past ‘Giants’ of their respective fields, all of my efforts have [also] proven nothing more than mere total personal sacrifice and zero recognition, acknowledgment or/and encouragement from gravital others concerning them. Having said as much, I reveal to you now, the following: The Secret to a Successful economy and a sound basic social and environmental structure lies in the very opening words of instruction given to Mankind, by his Creator (the Real God): “Be fruitful, multiply, replenish (fill) the earth and subdue it” Now, you might say, on surface, “How, on earth, does that apply to much that I have discussed in my paper “compton’s comment”, or even your foregoing introduction?!!” I would boldly respond by the following: The more closely we, as a society, observe these fundamentals of existence [I mean, we have virtually all ‘lost it’ so considerably now, as a society, that virtually all of mankind’s spokes-representatives speak in terms of, “survival”, instead of “thrival”! The reality is that we should all be speaking in terms of, “thrival”, by now – not mere survival!!], the more successful, happy and prosperous we will all be. What were and remain, however, some of the major ‘prompts’ of our tendency today to deal in ‘survival’ concepts, instead of the much more positive?? Considering the [earlier said] thoughts of Thomas Jefferson, perhaps we should inspect how closely our earthly ‘gods’ compare in their advice with the real God of life and creation. Well, very readily-seen, in quite un-Christianlike/irreligious fashion, the professorial and academic doomsdayers of 1971 onwards, for instance, instigated the major intellectual thrust in quite opposition to this very opening instruction of the Creator: by advocating “zero (even “negative”) population growth”, and, further, they even went so far as to promote facilitation of [so-called] “family planning” clinics to promote such, threatening that if society did not follow such a de-population pattern, virtually all of the world’s energy and power sources would be lost or consumed by the year 1995!! Well, I am still awaiting the fulfillment of that prophecy of these gods!!! Are you?! Now, you may be tempted to say, “Ah! … but society did respond; so we don’t have such an energy crisis!” May I suggest that we are now more than 10 years beyond the predicted doom’s date in this respect; and exactly what situation do we see?” Well, I see more such traditional energy sources and discoveries available as power sources than ever … only now they almost litter the earth!!! Not only so, but, in addition, I see the development of entirely new further, “alternative” energy sources – in abundance, in fact! Further still, I see [the 1971 unforeseen] discovery of super-efficiency re our energy use and expenditure – as it pertains to general task execution – much of this largely achieved through the discovery and development of mini- and microchip technology, which has considerably reduced the need for the former higher energy expenditure. Now I merely express this simple foregoing to illustrate just how false these gods we accede to in our society today are. They falsely (and detrimentally – as we shall soon see) change the behavioural practices of the entire world, due to their unfounded, limited perception of matters – with advocacies contrary to those of the earth’s very Maker!! Yet we followed these ‘drips’, almost ’down to hell’. By the way, you’ll note that these ‘saving’, technological advances of Man at least express our obedience to the very last part of the Maker’s very first set of instructions to Man: to “subdue … the earth”. But my question is: Will this small alignment of Man to His instructions be enough, compared with the missing execution of the greater, earlier part of it? Now, in addition to the essentiality of heeding the very first words to fall from our Creator’s mouth, might I also suggest, in similar relation, that we not ‘busy’ ourselves, today, so much, with making men and women equal (or should I simply say, making them “the same”), but that we express the very foundational purpose of the Creator whereupon He made man and woman in the first place?! The great hope of the Creator, even evident in His opening counsel, is that male and female (most specifically, man and wife), not only “be fruitful” in all things, including in their own “multiplication”, but that man and woman were to become one, in everything – for so they were designed; and, as such, therefore, that they be governmentally and socially, treated as one – in all things, not as being separate (effectively, divorced) individuals, as they are treated today by government bodies! May I quote again from the very Creator Himself before continuing a line of thought: “They twain [two] shall become one flesh; wherefore, they are no more twain, but one flesh” … then, note, also, the following: “What, therefore, God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” These concepts are referred to in a number of places within holy writ. Perhaps, we need to pay much more attention to them! That [latter] also seems a direct warning, regarding how Man perceives, and observes, in his outlook upon, the married man and his wife! Yet, today, as briefed, we get governmental, and all sorts of, bureaucracies sending out mail to the wife or the mother, on the one hand, and the husband or “spouse”, on the other; or we simply have bureaucrats and government representatives calling wives individually, and treating them as if totally divorced individuals on the phone. Husbands and fathers virtually enjoy almost no rights whatsoever! This, of course, is but the surface of it; but, nevertheless, it serves as ready example in illustrating how significantly we have lost the way re genuine ‘oneness’ in the open public sphere, whereas this was not the case pre-1970s! When we, as societies, begin again to properly formalize and institute our laws and socialities re such basic matters of course, we will begin to return full employment to our communities and to each couple living within them … as each person re-assumes his/here respective marital role, which former practice all tends to, further, create that oneness spoken of, yields value – spouse to spouse, and, therefore, (far more likely) also achieves respect and some equality of treatment between such united ‘individuals’. Instead of our current greater-than-ever inter-household inequality (YOUR “Rich and Poor”) [so ironically derived, I might add, largely, because of bureaucracy’s coercive attempts to ‘socially “engineer” the [so-called] male-female equalization’ of society, whereby various conniving forces have, in effect, ‘driven’ women out into the workforce] – so that now we probably experience an even greater ratio of the ‘Haves’ as opposed to the ‘Have-Nots’ of society than ever, we would much more seriously ensure that almost each couple had paid work and income into the home – as was the 1950’s and 1960’s case. Driving partnered women out into the workforce has meant, of course, that many families today have No Employment, while others [usually with less children to support!] receive Dual Incomes!!! (for such working women have assumed much of the only employ available within the labour market) for, as surely as goods and services market supply and demand laws apply, inclusive of pricing, so, too, do such laws apply re the availability of labour and its pricing [in the form of wages] within the labour market. We know, for instance, that it is the usual human nature that an item in overabundance is considered to be of lesser worth or value, and is, therefore, assigned a lower price than an item that is rare. Therefore, with such long-sustained, massive availability of labour [now comprising both, prospective adult male and female employees] of recent decades, it is not the least wonder that today’s wages, etc. have been driven (in real terms) so far downwards, as to the point that they cannot possibly sustain above-poverty-line living for the bulk of families living in most Western societies today! {{As this thought and concept may be quite new to you (Few have the courage to expose it to public), I may need to repeat it again another way, or you may need to take some moments to reflect over what I have said, before moving on.}} Now let’s take a more specific look at the economic outcome of the simple social and economic application of just one or two of the most basic of marital roles within a society – the incorporation, for instance, of [simple] multiplication – thus assigning the simple Deital directive to “multiply” within a ‘complex’, modern economy, for even the most involved of Beethoven symphonies merely comprises some combination of a great many simple sub-structures and sub-sub-structures of musical thought, operation of principles and sub-themes: SUMMARY: It’s not governments that are to blame for very much that is indicating long-term. They are too transient for that! In for 3 years then out again! In blaming them, we are ensuring nothing will get done, because we are simply ‘other blaming’! We need to find long-standing drivers of long-standing problems. We need to discover “The Untouchables” of society, for they will be our ‘gods’, and gods are to blame for setting up as they have! When we discover who these social and economic gods are, we need to test, or compare, their ‘doctrine’ as against the Real doctrine – that of life’s very Creator – the one who is most likely to know how life is expected to function and succeed. When we realize there are great discrepancies, we can safely dispose of their god-like status, and, preferably, simply Chuck them out! They will, and are [for that matter], simply destroy us, by following them, or allowing their uncontested rule. Remember, if we have the least regard and respect for Thomas Jefferson, surely his inference that only a Christian people can be well-governed will likely carry fair truth. One 30+ year practice that needs reverting is for us to all again enjoy a true democracy: a government by the people, of the people, for the people. In straighter terms, “Majority Rules”. For well over 30 years now, it has been the Minorities who have basically ‘Ruled the Roost’! So, how can one judge that the free market system, or democracy, has failed us??! We haven’t much experienced proper democracy for some 35 years!!! One of the chief instigators of our economic, employment and social problems has been allowing the minority group: the radical feminist element, in particular, to run Western society … AND WHAT A PURE MESS AS A RESULT!!! One of the very chief ‘creators’ of long-standing employment and economic problems has been allowing the feminists to drive and send married/partnered women out into the workforce. Another, in like vein, has been our listening to mad professors tell us to cut down on child-birth; it is against every economic sense and against everything advocated by our very Creator for the benefit and success of Man! He has never rescinded this very first commandment; and if we are to believe His very practical statement, “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first” [which principle we see operating all through very nature itself], then it is likely that it would never be rescinded, until the very last day the earth stands! AND HE SHALL RETURN HIS PROMISES, AND RETURN AS ALSO PROMISED, TO THIS EARTH, IN POWER, LOVE AND GREAT GLORY.
  • honestly, i really doubt it.
  • It already is a woman's world. Women get so much leeway, and obviously have more rights than men in today's society. Don't make me laugh.
  • Women can not make no, at least I hope not.
  • I hope not...we are too moody and bitchy and catty. Men...don't let us take over, please.
  • it already is. alot of states look in favor of women not men...
  • I hope not. I don't think it should be anyone's world.

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