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  • That is a good question. Especially since I am gay, and I kind of have a thing for blood. Mind you I don't run around saying "Blah, I am a vampire, I want to drink your blood" No. But I do like the taste of it, and if my boyfriend cuts himself or something on accident I like to lick the blood off. I guess I wouldn't exactly call it a fetish, but then again I like it when he bites me on the neck during sex like a vampire would. : shrug : I think it is just people trying to classify what is wrong and what is right, and failing. Mental illness to me is something that is more considered wrong by multiple societies, not just us.
  • I wouldn't classify homosexuality as a fetish. I think fetish strays from innocent to perverse when it involves harming another person to get your pleasure. I have a fetish but it doesn't involve hurting anyone at all, and it seems to me to be quite innocent, though not exactly 'normal'. I'm okay with it, and all my girlfriends have been as well.

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