• If its a tube, then get a new one , if it's a flat screen HD, then get a new one also.
  • if the power light is blinking while the picture is blanked out this shows the set is in "IK blanking" the set is trying to run the tube beond what it can handle, The tube is worn out
  • I had a sony TV that lasted for 15 years before it started doing this. I paid some dude $135 to come to my house (it was too big to move) and fix the tube, or whatever was wrong with it. This fix lasted for about four months and then started blinking on and off again. I simply went and got a new tv. Sony is a GREAT brand, however, after 8 years, I would recommend simply getting a new one. From experience, I don't believe your tv will survive much longer even if you do have it repaired.

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