• Lying isn't intrinsically wrong. I could imagine a number of situations when lying would be a moral thing to do.
  • I think lying is wrong when someone would or could be hurt by it. Lying to protect yourself from the consequences of actions you had a choice to do or not do is wrong. Lying is only ok if it is a 'polite lie'. If someone asks you 'How are you?', in passing, and you are miserable, a polite lie is ok, to say, 'Fine, thanks' then continue on your way.
  • I think its more important how distruptive it is to everyone involved in the lie. When a person lies to someone, they lie to themselves, and living a lie is always going to cause complications. I think it's the way we've evolved over the thousands of years that gives us our morals.. not just because of what we think is right or wrong but also because it avoids a lot of pain and hassle and trouble.
  • Morally wrong in all occasions. It is intrinsically wrong because when you lie, others make decisions based on incorrect information. It distorts everything attached to it.
  • It is situational, in most if not all cases. The gestapo comes to your door looking for jews and ask you if Anne Frank is hiding in your attic and you cannot lie..... It is, as in most real life situations-----situational !!! But don't lie to yourself about situations either... Joe
  • Lying destroys trust. I avoid it.
  • 5-18-2017 Lying is based on fear. Fear always jams your life. You can't live a good life if you are afraid of normal stuff like saying what is right.
    • Anonymous
      Your statement is untrue: people lie maliciously, because they fantasize, to not get blamed for their wrong doing etc & for their own end.

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