• No it would not, fuel consumption, however, would. Why not? Because I honestly don't care. That is my opinion, so if someone here doesn't agree with it, don't tell me off. That is what I think. Australia, male.
  • Okay, I know this is cheating but I need this for class. So I am posting an answer to put this higher on the list.
  • If we could afford it, that would be our first concern. We live in the United States and I am a female. :)
  • Not directly. The cost of operating the vehicle would factor in before the environment. I want a car that will allow me to transport what I need and give me the comfort I am used to with the best gas mileage. The fact that the environment benefits when I select the higher MPG car is secondary to the fact that I will save money on gas.
  • Female. Australia. I would buy a small car. I would not be able to afford a Prius.
  • Yes. As a matter of fact I bought one last week and that was the SOLE factor in the purchase. With gas prices as high as they are, I couldn't afford to keep my jeep, a gas guzzler. U.S. Female.
  • No,it wouldn't be a factor.I think Al Gore and his global warming is a bunch of BS.I am female and live in the US.
  • No. My economic situation makes me choose things like roadworthiness, availability, and price over things like MPG rating or emissions. I can't afford an economical, ecological car! Ever see a Prius for $1,000 or less? I am a male in the US.
  • Yes, but it wouldn't be the deciding factor. US. Female.
  • Yes it would be a factor, however, I have seen that it drives the price up. So chances are I would NOT buy that car. US - Female
  • Well yes and no. I am poor and even if I weren't I'd still only buy used cars. I don't think you can buy a new car and think you are helping the environment. Second to that, being poor I need something fuel efficient because I can't afford to fill up every few days. Since I'm not a person who cares about the style or speed or hauling capabilities of my car, my purchases are environmentally friendly de facto. Male USA
  • No it wouldn't. I don't really care about all the little sad faces that come out of my tailpipe when I drive around. The reason why? NOBODY CAN PROVE THAT GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL. Remember that last media craze over something terrible? Y2K? Remember that? The huge media hype that cost everyday people TONS of money to fix a problem that turned out to not exist? Unless they can PROVE 100% WITH OUT A DOUBT that global warming is real I will not give a flying #*@& about it. 26 year old male from Canada. P.S. The solution to pollution is dilution.
  • It would be a factor. USA male.
  • It'd be a major factor, but not the deciding factor. Deciding factor would be what I could afford; but I'd buy as environmentally friendly as I COULD afford. UK, F
  • I am a female, live in USA, if I buy a car, I want a car that will definately be environmental friendly and also very important: great gas mileage. Good luck on you Academic endeavors. God Bless you, Cordially, ac
  • Woman, 24, USA No, nothing with the environment would be a factor. I would actually be looking for the vehicle with the best gas mileage since I'm trying to save money. If it turned out to be an environmentally friendly car, more power to it.
  • 1. No. I don't think there is any proven evidence of environmentally friendlier characteristics (other than mileage per gallon). I have young children and security is the major factor, so I will always go for 4WD middle sized trucks. Ecuador, South America / Female
  • Yup. The better the fuel economy, the more attractive it is to me. I hate gas hogs. I'm interested in a hybrid with small diesel or petrol (gasoline) engine and a big battery. male, U.S.
  • I would definitely consider environmental friendliness when purchasing a car. I am female and live in the US. I definitely want to do my part in keeping the environment safe and friendly!!
  • So how much are U really willing to do??? I what's my piece of the action??? USA,M,58 & ran the "Engine Shop" @ the University of Arizona. I would be doing the "Environment" a Favor by NOT BUYING A NEW CAR!!! The Facts are CLEAR & COMPELLING!!! Ever since the "Greenies" forced Us into using "Catalytic Converters" (cats), we have been "Converting" CO, Hydrocarbons & Nitrous Oxides by the use of "Poisonous Rare Earth Elements" to H2SO4 (???) which all winter long runs out the "Stainless Steel Tailpipes" (why Stainless???) of new cars onto our streets (eating them up) & into our Water Systems Killing our Population!!! Figured it out yet (H2SO4???), it's called "SULFURIC ACID"!!! Thank U "Ignorant Tree Huggers" for costing Us All so dearly!!! Non-Emissions vehicles had their "HC & CO" Emissions cleaned up by "Nature" with "Photosynthesis" from "Plants" turning it into "Clean Air & Sugars" that fed the "Plants". John
  • No way I would never consider it, because ever since we bought "eco" friendly cars it has rained and stormed and has also dropped in temperature, when we had normal cars that weren't it was sunny and hot and beautiful. AUSTRALIA, male
  • Yes it would be a factor to some extent however it is not top priority. I prefer fast cars USA Female
  • Environmentally friendly is nice and a welcome perk, but my main concerns are longevity, cost for repairs and maintenence, resell value, depreciation, cost and miles per gallon. I'm male and live in the US and I do not have a hybrid there's too much specualtion and possible evidence that hybrid or eco-friendly cars are just as damaging to the environment as SUV's I now own a smaller, 4 cyclinder engine car that is easier on gas, not american made.
  • No not at all. I wouold always take it for a test drive and look for several things. For a list of things to check visit There is a good generic buyers guide there.

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