• Science fiction/fantasy author Ray Bradbury wrote a novel called "Fahrenheit 451" about censorship. It describes a future in which knowledge is controlled by "firemen" who burn books that the public isn't mean to read. The title "Fahrenheit 9/11" is a take-off on "Fahrenheit 451," since both deal with information the public supposedly isn't meant to know. The number "451" was chosen by Bradbury because that is the temperature at which paper begins to burn. === To Borameer: Bradbury recently said he'd accept an apology and a handshake to forget the whole thing.
  • There is a great deal of symbolism in the book. Guy Montag is the name of the protagonist. Montag is German for Monday. Guy is sort of like the moon, he is reflecting not shining. Toward the end of the book he eats an apple (see first sin). The whole book burning theme is like the suppression of freedom of speech in the '60's.
  • Title it's mean about cheractorizing by people. It does has a basic mean, so to be interesting by people who watching movie or like it. Title has to be in correct word, by the way has to has a logical mean(Exp:"Deepm inside"). It maight be has a huge mean, but we understood only Deep wether Inside. We have to see a move then we can catch the mean by title........

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