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  • You do drugs?
  • In my day, we had to look in the encyclopedia. We didn't have no hoity-toity intranets, what with the searches and the googles and all that.
  • I would say the history of the cannabis plant is by far the most interesting and at times comical part of information. When you learn about its past uses it's a wonder why we didn't learn more about it in history classes. I will answer your question about its use as a drug though. • The different kinds There are at least as many strains of cannabis as there are types roses. The Cannabible, by Jason King( )is said to be the cannabis connoisseur's handbook. ¤ The volumes contain 250+ different strains ¤ There are a few different types of marijuana that are consumed for there recreational and medicinal benefits. First is the sativa strains which are more of a cerebral high perfect for smoking during the day. Then there are indicas which are a direct opposite almost, indicas will usually make you sleepy, hungry and sedated. Then there are the hybrids with a little of each. • The amount smoked This is a fairly simple one and depends wholly on the consumer. Animal studies have backed up the claims that cannabis doses are usually safely titrated by the user. ¤ This means that the user only consumes small amounts until the desired affect is reached. If you want to know "everything there is to know about weed" you should start with its history. Some good searches - • "Marihuana Tax Act" • "NORML Podcast" • "Harry J. Anslinger(Father of the Drug War)" • "cannabinoid research" This film was required viewing for all US farmers during WWII by federal mandate.
  • Try Wikapedia or check out marijuana information sites. You're after a book length answer. How much are you supposed to smoke? That would be none because it is mostly illegal. How much to have an effect? All depends on percent of cannabis in it.

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