• who ever does it i might show up for there funeral.
  • That is not true, I live near a swimming pool and it has a diving board wich is 10 metres high and ive seen the lifeguards jump of it loads of times. And from my understanding there are about 3 feet in a metre? so that would be like 30s or more.
  • yes but its only fatal at 150 or more feet depending on how u land
  • Yeah you can. I mean, for all you know there may be rocks and shopping trolleys and crap in there, and all sorts of things will determine it. However, where's the fun without the risk? Grab your tequila, and have a good time jumping!
  • Surprisingly, yes you can. I recently jumped off of a pretty high bridge and died on impact. I'm much better now though...
  • Yes, that is how people commit suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. They reach speeds during the fall that the water forces their legs up into their body upon impact. (If they are doing a pencil drop)
  • Certainly if you cannot swim. Other than that crush injuries if the bridge is very high
  • There is a difference between 30 feet and a good diver diving in the water correctly, and someone in clothing jumping from a 50-100+ foot height into water of unknown depth and temperature. The person also has NO idea what is below the water...a rock, a log, or other things that could break their back or leg quickly and then they could drown quickly. Not recommended ever!
  • Yes,...if you reach terminal velocity, then when you hit the water(if its undisturbed and quiet) can be like running yourself into a brick wall at 25 MPH. Doesn't sound like much, but go run into a brick wall at 5 MPH and see how that feels.
  • Hmm after some calculations...I found that if you jumped off the golden gate bridge on a fair day with a 1.2 drag coefficient with 220ft standing between you and the water, at the moment of impact, your body would be falling at the speed of 213.4924 MPH. Still a long way off from breaking the sound barrier, but who cares? you're dead.
  • Yes, you can. Water is strong stuff. Try even running in water and it could break bones.
  • Possibly, YES ... not an absolute guarantee of death, it is also possible to survive. A highly skilled diver should be able to swim away uninjured from a jump of 150 feet, while clumsy beginners have been injured and even killed from jumping only 30 feet ... also, although many people are good swimmers, it is possible to drown in only 3 or 4 tablespoons of water.
  • so, i would think, that if you were to jump from a very high distance(say fall out of a plane into the ocean), or the golden gate bridge, and you wanted to survive, it would be best to fall belly down with your arms and legs far out, then at the last instant before you hit the water, flip your body forward, legs together, arms at your side, toes pointed, then the moment your body is in the water, spread your arms, bend your legs at the hip so you don't end up 30 feet under water and drown or have your lungs collapse from the pressure change. how's that sound?
  • Yes. Many people commit sucide this way.
  • from terminal velocity, you might as well be hitting concrete instead of water. good luck though !!!
  • force is what breaks bone, causes internal damage ... kills you. Force is equal to mass time acelleration (or decelleration). Terminal velocity is about 120 mph, you can hit this speed, depending on body / wind resistance in as low as a 150 feet free fall. Now, water is much more viscous than air so when you hit it you slow rapidly. The tricks are: a) slow your speed - difficult without splaying your body, b) hit the water so your decelleration takes place over the greatest time (distance) - so hit the water with both feet together, minimise contact area, and penetration resistance so you decellerate through about 20 feet of water; when you stop your decent swim to the surface. Be prepared to use your arms (you had better had tucked then in) cause your legs /feet may be broken.
  • Yes you can, and you don't have to be that high up to do so.
  • yes.. of course.. it will fructure your bones beomes of the force of the water and it will damage your muscles.. that will to death... ^^
  • Especially if that water is shallow and the bed is a bunch of jagged rocks.

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