• I think it should with a special memorial for those who have died, and a everlit torch to symbolize ongoing freedom :) also a memorial in washington DC
  • I doubt it seriously. They won't be seeking the limelight . They've sacrificed enough, something that others need to get in touch with.
  • Of course not, the Iraq War won't even be mentioned. It'll be like in Germany with WWII. Tourist at Library- "What about the Iraq War sir?" Tour Guide- "THERE WAS NO WAR! WE WERE INVITED! PUNCH WAS SERVED, CAKE WAS EATEN! WE ALL HAD A GAY TIME!" Tourist- "But you can't jus-" Tour Guide- "I WILL HEAR NO MORE OF THIS INSULTING NONSENSE ABOUT THE REPUBLICAN PEOPLE!" (stolen off family guy)
  • 4000 today just American, civilians no actual count kept.
  • It can, may be appropriate. Of course, the Clinton Library in Little Rock, AK, should have a similiar book with the names who died in action when he was Commander in Chief. Likewise for the George Bush Presidential Library in the west campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Included should be The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Center for Public Affairs in Simi Valley, California. Also, let's not forget, The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. See where this is going? If done for one, should be done for all.
  • NO. It will be a "Whitewash". All presidential libraries are political legacies to that president but little truth is ever told.
  • Such a memorial will be built in Washington, but not until the war ends.
  • No, it will probably contain the golf clubs that "W" quit using to show 'solidarity' with the families who lost sons/fathers/husbands (and the female equivalents) in Iraq...:-P. . . .
  • Nothing that real..he lives in a fantasy world of his own creation, therefore, he will only acknowledge that which makes him appear to be a human he will not tolerate any truth of any kind from any source. It will be a fantasy attraction just like Disneyland, where nothing is real. :) Happy Saturday! :)
  • Does any archive of any of the preceding 42 presidents contain a book with the names of all the soldiers killed in the bullshit wars/invasions/military actions/covert actions/etc,etc that they consigned them to?
  • That's going to be a tough decision, because at most it will probably only contain a couple of books and picture books might have to take precedence;)
  • I don't know, but that would be quite an honor. Is every soldier killed in WWII mentioned in Roosevelts library? Is every soldier killed in Vietnam in Kennedy's library? Is every soldier kill in the Civil War mentioned in Lincoln's library? I would hope so. The lives lost for freedom and democracy should be noted. If I had died in Iraq I would be very proud to have my name archived in Bush's library.
  • No, I think that place should be the White House toilet

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