• Leave it alone. The leopard does not change it's spots. Nor do people change very much. They always seen to revert back.
  • Leave it alone. Been down that road many times. If you go back, you'll have this short honeymoon where it "seems" things have changed but then after that time period, it goes back to the way it always has been. There is somoeone better out there for you. REALLY.
  • leave the past in your past...wont work out....less than 5% chance that it've gone without him for 7 months, keep up the good work
  • RUN! It didnt work out before, for a reason, he is only going to tell you, what he thinks you want to hear.
  • only you know the answer to this one, ive a feeling you know what you should do, but somehow i dont think you'll do that?
  • I think it depends on how he hurt you. I dont see why you can't let him in your life in a limited way.. Just as friends for example. Let him prove to you he has changed. If hes willing to do that, for as long as it takes you to trust him, maybe he has changed! And maybe you will realize, your really not into him anymore?
  • Why bother?Seven months isn't alot of time to get your head straight after a break up with someone who has hurt you so much.
  • It's been 7 months, you got thru the HARD part already, just let it your question, you answered yourself...he hurt you sooo much in the past, make your future better by leaving him ALONE. Good Luck.
  • try it. but keep a guard on your feelings just in case he screws up again, it won't be hard. remain distant emotionally.
  • do what is in your heart. If it does work out great, but if it doesnt then you are back at square one. If you have changed so much do you really want to go backwards and not forwards with someone new. Chances are things might start where they left off.
  • move on :) he'll most likely hurt you again..
  • they have a name for people like is fool!!! move on, there is someone better, someone that wants to treat you the way you want to be treated.
  • in a situation like this i decide like this I'll basically ask why not. then I'll make a list of whys and why nots and compare. Then if i decided to i would give them a chance but wait a while before i put my heart into it. distance myself emotionally until i'm seeing changes that i like and if i dont just keep myself distant until i do or until i decide to give up on him
  • well what i would do is give him another chance and if it doesnt work out or so let it go
  • why not? its better to love and lose than to not love at all. if you let your fear of getting hurt stop you from starting any relationship you'll probably be alone for a long time
  • No one really change. The only person that change is he one doing it while you gave him the second chance. If they havent change by then then they never will. So there will be someone for you out there. Who deserves you
  • A leopard never changes it's spots. He hurt you once and he will do it again. Just remember the really bad times and tell him to, "shove off".
  • people dont change...but if you were happy at one point in time maybe it can be like that again every person is different dont listen to what other people say do what u want to do...maybe it took you being split up for him to realize that you are meant to be or he could jus be feeling alone and wants to to comfort him till he finds someone else...either way u cant predict the future but taking a chance is taking a chance as long as you arent being abused then its the same as taking a chance with someone new you never know what could happen
  • Take it from a 33 yr old guy with lots of life experience. People DO NOT change. If you're a girl, Im sure he just wants to get some and leave you hurting again when he's done. Spare yourself!
  • I am in this situation and kinda wishing I woulda left it alone. Even if he has changed, I can see already that it's gonna take a long time for me to believe he REALLY has changed and to rebuild my trust accordingly. Sometimes a fresh start is easier. Good luck!
  • if you luv him, give him a chance, especially if you got kids or whatever
  • The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. You can take another chance with him if you like, but it's highly unlikely that he's changed in any significant way.
  • From personal experience I can tell you this is not going to work. The fact that he has had little regard for your feelings in the past means that he's that "type" of person. A leopard does not change it's spots. He is what he is. Do not break open that "can of worms" again.
  • thats up to you but i would make sure he changed before you took him back

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