• It can cause some people to vomit. Some people will not though.
  • Was it a dirty glass or a clean one?
  • I would throw up.
  • no. no no. drinking is not going to kill you its antibacterial, and essental to a point the importnt thing is salt or no salt people need to start to regulate there fluid intake. Everything in moderation. Too much or too little salt in yor water will through off your endrocine system. The body is a amazing machine. Every machine needs a tune up once in a while. aka alteration but running things long term ie a car engine with no oil or too much or a body with too much or too little sodium will kill you.
  • you will be sick
  • I hate to break it to you, but too much salt WILL kill you. I don't know what biology you are studying, but where I come from, the human body already containes a finite amount of salt, and ingesting more than the body can process will make you sick first, because it causes dehydration. Obviously if deydration continues unchecked, the body's internal systems will begin to shut down.
  • A kidney cannot make urine from a concentration of salts of more than 2%. Seawater is made up of approximately 3% salt, so if we drink it to quench our thirst the kidneys have to use existing water from our body in order to dilute the extra salt, which in turn makes us feel even thirstier.
  • You get a bad taste in your mouth. Yet, if you digest too much salt, you will die.

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