• Reckon so. I just made some real good homemade spaghetti sauce.
  • My word. I love to cook for friends, and they love my cooking.
  • Yes of causre haveing itlians roots is always a big help
  • Absolutely! I love to entertain and my parties are legendary for their gastronomic offerings.
  • just cooked myself liver onions, cauliflower cheese and mashed potato. my friends don't like liver so didn't invite them and ate it all
  • yeah ..I am actually ...I do almost all of the cooking in the house and have many many times had friends and family over for a slap up feed... but I do know my limitations so I tend to not stray past them unless I have had a few practice runs at a particular type of meal first dogs love it when I try and don't quite get it right!
  • Yes I am
  • Everybody loves to come to my house for holiday meals. The only thing I don't cook well is Chinese food. My half-Chinese grandsons hate this, because that's what they were raised on. Tonight we are having roast New Zealand Lamb with garlic/rosemary/orange glaze, baked zucchini/avocado cakes, tomato bisque and a fine white wine.
  • If by "cook" you mean "Buy KFC and serve it, then make them pay half". Than yes I am.
  • Yes :)
  • Not so much, but I don't have to because I have picked up some good, quick, simple ways to feed a bunch of folks that don't require chef-like tendencies. An example: Chicken, with skin removed and washed thoroughly, sprinkled with S&P and Rosemary, then wrapped in aluminum foil with a bit of butter, cooked in the oven at 450 F. for as long as it takes, or longer, usually about 45 minutes minimum. Spaghetti sauce made from canned tomato sauce, to which I add a LOT OF ground sirloin (no fat), diced onion, green bell pepper, crushed garlic, sliced mushrooms, S&P, Tobasco, diced celery (deveined), olive oil. Roast, boiled or broiled with bits of garlic stuck into it (not too much), S&P, and carrots+potatoes+onions added near serving time so to not overcook. Pizza, with skin made fresh from whole wheat flour, water, salt, and just a smidgen of baking powder, covered with tomato sauce into which has been infused fresh basil, cilantro, garlic, and S&P, covered with freshly grated cheese(s), and preferred toppings (or whatever's available). There's other stuff I've fed folks that seems to work, and none of it takes any talent or training whatsoever. For appetizers, though, I like to grill an eggplant and mix up some babaganousche with little triangles of chapatti to dip it. This is most often highly under-rated.
  • I think so, we are having some people over tonight and the menu reads like this: 1. Light appetizers to start the evening off - home made potato chips with dill-ranch dip and an iced bucket of beers. 2. First course (soup) – she crab soup made with fresh lump crab meat, served with fresh, hot, French bread. 3. Main course – Beef brisket with black pepper cornbread stuffing, lightly wilted (in real butter and fresh roasted garlic, yum) spinach, and fried sweet potatoes. 4. Desert – Pecan Glace with vanilla ice-cream, served with coffee. The brisket is finishing up now, everything else is done except the potato chips, they are best right out of the fryer so I wait until the last to cook them. Currently I am having one of the iced down beers while relaxing a few seconds, I love to cook but it can be a chore.
  • Yes. I have taken food I cooked into work and my co-workers enjoyed it very much.
  • Yes, I actually had my parents and my in-laws for Easter dinner today. I am a good enough cook to ask friends over. However, I am not a good enough house keeper to do it regularly.
  • Not unless they're in the mood for an omlet.
  • Yes, yes I am. Give me a recipe and I can make pretty much anything, and I can do it well. I love to cook, and as a result I've gotten pretty good at it :)
  • Yes, but I'd invite them anyway. Most people really look forward to eating my food so that makes me very happy to please them so much. If they have favorites, I'll try to make it for them if it would really make them happy.
  • Yep.:)
  • Definatly not i would have to sneak a take away in and pretend i made it:-)
  • yes i do great cheese on toast

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