• Well, that depends on the situation. It could mean that he wasn't really trying to flirt, and he's not interested. It could mean that he was trying to flirt, because that's what he does. It could also mean that he was busy when he ignored you and didn't mean for it to come off that way. Try not to look into it too much.
  • well iiiii THINK it means... that youre too good for him !
  • I think it means his girlfriend just walked into the room.
  • Probably multiple things. For example, he may be unsure of himself. He may be too embarrassed to continue. He may not have any idea you recognize his flirting and feels frustrated. He may have been distracted. Another thought is to look at your own reaction. Are you sure you are reading the signs right? Perhaps you have misinterpreted what you saw or heard. I know it may sound strange but if the flirting was welcome, try saying to him "Were you/Are you flirting with me?". Depending on his response, you can say that you liked it or any other statement that you decide will take you to the next level. Have fun.
  • probably nothing. sometimes it doesn't mean anything and we end up reading too much into things a guy doesn't think about twice
  • It means he's an idiot who doesn't know what he wants.
  • It could actually be a sign of respect. It could mean that he thinks he might have went too far. But, it could also mean that he is just kind of a dick.
  • Might have NOTHING to do with you. He could be just trying to find out how many girls might be interested in him. Maybe he flirted with others in the room when you were not looking. I just think that it's really "all about him"!! Especially if he is a young man.
  • Clearly it means he's gay. I'm straight. What does he have to ever achieve?
  • He's playing hard to suck...I mean get.
  • he could a. already have a girlfriend b. using mixed signals. c. being a tease or d.really like u and whats u

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