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  • No. she is used goods and is ready for Goodwill
  • Funny, when your girlfriend logged in using this account, she said 7 guys.
  • You can love anyone you want. Why do you need to "class" people?
  • Unless she had sex with all of them at one time, of course you can love her. If you are really in love none of that shit matters. If you know the number it sounds like she is being truthful with you and that does matter.
  • no matter how many she had sex with if u love her its not going to affect how u feel if u truely found something that makes her worth loving regardless of whats in her past , none of us is an angel or a saint we all have our imperfections , flaws and history , if she makes u feel good around her dont throw that away beleive me and besides as they say " love is blind " go for it man and dont give it too much thought about the past coz u cant do anything to change it , but u got the present and the future and thats what counts
  • if you have to ask then you do not love her you just want what the other 8 had. if you truly love someone you do not see flaws only beauty
  • Class her as A-1 catch. she is experienced and willing to go for it. She obviously didn't keep any of the other losers. So if you can love her, you should only be so lucky she would keep you after asking a question like that.
  • why dont you ask her?
  • Don't worry about it, that isn't a huge number by contrast.
  • i think u might be able to love her even tho she has made alot of mistakes but if she has apologized to you and all those other men that she took their virginity, maybe u could find it but i would be more scared that once we got married or we had sex that u could end up with a disease that could kill you or just haunt u for the rest of your life
  • I'm more concerned with your need to "class" her as a barrier to love than her sexual past. Whether or not YOU can love her is about YOU, not about her. It says more about you than it does her.
  • I guess she trusts that you won't jump to any bigoted or ridiculous conclusions or she wouldn't have told you how many. How many girls have YOU been with? Why does the number matter? Seems to me she's being honest about her past, and that counts for a lot more than anyone's classification. Are you actually thinking "I will only get involved with a girl who has had fewer than 3 sexual relationships by the time she is 20" -- how are you going to quantify this? What is the "right" number? Are you worried what others might think? If so you are not mature enough to love her. Why on earth would you tell anyone anyway? Can you love her? Only you can answer that. If her expressions of sexuality in the past bother you, ask her why she had 8 guys before the age of 20 and whether that reason still exists. Quite possibly she has changed, as most people do in their late teens and throughout their 20s. Find out more about HER- her character, her goals and what's important to her. Having 8 guys before one is 20 is not the only thing to consider and it does not define her as a person.
  • The reason i feel this was a mistake was because if you broke up with them it must of beena mistake but if they are still together thenn..
  • You might be thinking that a girl so experienced may be shallow or out of your league. But you don't know for sure. You'll never know if you two can love eachother unless you try. So what's keeping you? Ask her out! You have nothing to lose.
  • You don't 'class' a lover, you love them.
  • yeah it dosen meater if she has sex with 8 guy's you can be 9 one hehehe sorry
  • it doesn't matter how many people she slept with-all that matters is if she truely loves you, and if you truely love her.
  • Why do you have to class her at all? Aside from the fact that I don't think having 8 partners by age 20 is a bad thing, people love people they think are dirty or sinful all the time.
  • Why wouldn't you love her? That's only about one guy every eight months. How long did you stay with your last girlfriend?
  • You class her thankfully for all the experience she has had that she can use on you. If that's not good enough, send me her name and phone number.

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