• I don't cheat and I really cannot speak for the rest of women, but some women also cheat on their guys .
  • Honestly, there are a lot of girls who do cheat, but there are a lot of girls who dont cheat also! U just have to find the right one! And the way I look at cheating is- Say u and a girl are dating and u feel really close to her and everything, then u find out shes cheating on u, well obviously she doesnt care about u enough to no cheat on u, so leave! It's like thats a way for you to find out if shes the 1 for u or not-so u can be mad at her, but also be thankful she did it because now u know u 2 are not meant to be together!!!
  • some might
  • How do you think they cheat? They cheat less than men do. But they're catching up they're learning from you!
  • Yes. The statistics say not as much as men do, though I find that questionable, as it takes two to tango. If ten percent of women cheat, and twenty percent of men cheat, then with whom are the additional 10% of men cheating with...other men? I doubt it. I'm more inclined to suspect the research results are skewered (wouldn't be the first time 'scientists' lied), and that the breakdown is closer to 50-50). Women cheat, just like men. Women lie, just like men. Women manipulate, just like men. They just do it for different reasons. The notion that one sex is superior (morally or ethically) is feminazi delusion.
    • Victorine
      Men are often cheating with unattached women. A single woman who doesn't even have a steady boyfriend obviously isn't cheating.
    • Charin Cross
      married men cheat with married and unmarried women.
    • Franco333
      So if an unmarried/unattached man does a married woman, he is neither half responsible for her cheating (by enabling it), nor complicit in any way? Sure not what I recall the rabid audiences at Maury Povich and Jerry Springer thinking....years ago when I watched braindead TV! The times they are a-changing.
  • I'm not aware that most men think women cheat. While some women do, the reality is that men cheat more often. It may be that because a lot of men cheat, they simply assume that women must be cheating, too, but studies have shown that women are actually less likely to cheat than men are.
  • some women just use men like men use women. women don't think about sex nearly as much as men. (every 7 minutes according to a study). so women sometimes use sex as a weapon to get what they want, which is usually marriage, or nice things like a car, clothes, jewelry or a house.
  • some do and some don't
  • There are cheating women, just not as many as most men think. Why stay stuck with one dong size? Cheating men and women are about the same generalization for each.
  • They cheat as much as guys cheat.
  • Neither gender has a track record worth bragging about. In the overall scheme of things, women are vain while men are egotistical - and both can become insecure if they suspect the other is cheating. And insecurity leads to cheating.
  • As a female who has never cheated, with a married brother and 2 parents, all of whom have also never cheated, it all depends on the person, not the gender. If a dude cheats on me once, BYE! I am very independent and am not going to waste my life with someone like that. I have had female friends in the past who would cheat, my old room-mate was seeing 4 different guys at the same time. I just told her I'm never lying or covering for her, because that shit isn't right. Get to know the person, communication is key and I can't stress that enough. If she has a solid set of morals and values as well as you, you won't have anything to worry about. Unlike Miss Gold-Digger from a couple questions above you. CLAIMS to be educated (probably went to a 2 week hair school) and attractive and wants to know where all the rich guys are because she's tired of the broke asses. I told her if she wants more money get a damn job herself! I told her that (she said she was 27) she was approaching 30 pretty quickly and soon enough, her looks will be gone and if she doesn't find a set of morals, values, a personality, a soul, and self-esteem and respect soon, her looks are going to be gone and being an old, ugly, dumb, soulless, clueless, ditz gold-digger is going to make her definitely die alone. Then I told her if she were truly educated, she would know that at the end of the day, money will NEVER be able to provide what someone who loves you WILL.
  • Cheating is an equal opportunity for both sexes.

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