• I really think you should take him to the vets, this sounds like an allergy, Which could be treated, but it could be something much worse!
  • I don;t know if you use any type of dog shampoo to clean the dog on a regular basis but this could be the cause of the irriation for sure as e may either be allergic to it especially if it contains a flea control medication in it and also over washing an animal can really dry their skin out as their bodies weren't designed for baths every week even. It is better to keep the bathing to a minimal just as really necesary for this reason. Also the paws would probably be the area that when rinsed would be most likely to not get completely rinsed well when washing so both of these issues would be worse as a result. Hope this gives some insight to the problem and going to vet is good idea if you have the funds for this but you can also add some cortisone cream to the paws to help if it is a rash from an allergic reaction.

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