• I just kinda ignore it and keep walking. Sometimes with my nose in the air.
  • I think it makes you feel sexy, whether you want to admit it or not. I cant imagine, why you would get offended, because someone thinks you are attractive.
  • I find it offensive and obnoxious. There are some great answers here as to WHY people do it.
  • I may be old but I'm not dead so I find it to be flattering.Now if they yell obsenities or rude remarks I will give them the finger and walk away!
  • Ass holes
  • i don't find it offensive, first i check to see if there are any gorgeous women walking in the same vicinity as me .. and if not, then i smile at the dude and keep walking
  • I think it's crude, much like the adult equavalent of hitting someone you like (as 6 year olds do). I find it offensive and crass...who actually thinks they are going to get someone's attention that way?
  • I really don't like it. It's annoying and it's also a huge turnoff to me.
  • To me it's lazy. Sure people thinking I'm attractive is flattering (for the most part), but I probably wouldn't date someone/sleep with someone because they cat called/wolf whistled/said "hey baby"/etc. If you want to get with Penny, you have to come correct. Well, if I were single anyway.
  • Pretty creepy.
  • It means that nothing disappears. This is an odd story. There were some guys that wolf whistled at me once. I suddenly began to fantasize about instantly turning them into dust. I wanted them to disappear, vanish, become anti-matter. Even if I magically had the power to turn them into a fine powder and have them blow away into the wind, they would still exist, only in a different form. This was the first time I realized this, I was in my early twenties.
  • I'd probably reply with something to shut their mouths, but I'd say it with a smirk and walk away reminded of how fabulous I am.
  • It means you bring out "the dawg" in us.
  • I take it as a compliment.
  • I don't like it and I don't find it terribly complimenting. At the same time, it doesn't offend me. In certain situations I find it intimidating though. My first recollection of being wolf whistled by somebody who meant it was when I was 12, a fireman was (funnily enough) putting out a fire in my sister's road. It was dark, and I was standing in the doorway watching so he couldn't see how young I was. By the time I was 16 I'd become rather averse to being wolf whistled by strange men as I'm going about my business. In a bar or at a club it's a bit different. It doesn't tend to bother me then, it's part and parcel of a night out I suppose.
  • I have always been quite shy and found such attention to be insulting and made me very uncomfortable when I was younger. A smile would be fine..making loud noises calling attention to someone walking is quite rude I think.
  • A whistle is fine. Since I usually dress somewhat modestly I take it as a compliment.

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