• Because I no longer had anything in common with them. It was for women with young children. Mine are not that young anymore, and they just kept having babies. I just kinda faded away.
  • I only really participated in one chat room, and that was almost 10 years ago when I first got the computer and internet, and I don't think it's even there anymore. I think I stopped because the novelty of it wore off.
  • MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Skype to name a few... totally destroyed chat rooms. What's the point of going into a room when you can group chat on a messenger and pick who you want to involve? I tried a few... but found them frustrating because people that were familiar with each other would ingore newbies until they saw you around long enough.
  • You noticed? How sweet.
  • Because it was a combination of young horny males, and possible pedophiles having cyber sex.
  • I used to chat in a Virtual Places chatroom for ZDNet, loooooooong time ago, about 10 years. Unfortunately they changed the format and it just wasn't the same anymore. I still keep in contact with a couple of people from there. I also found myself in an irc chatroom for awhile for an online rpg I found. It was great too, till the owner decided a message board in the game was a better way for players to communicate. Damn that "progress"!
  • I never really participated in a chat room web site before.
  • The girls were not real anymore, lots of skin but no commitment.
  • Half of them were kids trying to sound older, the other half were older trying to sound like kids. Then you had guys trying to be girls, girls trying to be guys, and then you had cops trying to be kids trying to catch the older guys trying to be kids, until you had one cop catching the other cop and a clash of sting units and no real perpetrator...
  • It starting turning out to a battle field:( People now a days don't seem to have the even the basic manners of communication.
  • I used to participate in Excite Chat years ago when I got my first computer. I had lots of fun...made quite a few friends that I'm still in touch with, and even had a relationship for a few years with someone I met there. But, it had it's own version of trolls...they had programs that would disrupt the chat would flash and knock everyone out among other things. And then Excite made a lot of changes, including deciding to charge for the chat room, which a lot of people were upset about (and some of us on an already tight budget couldn't afford). There have been a couple other chat rooms I've visited since, but I can't recall the last time I was on one. I was mostly in chat when I lived alone and was single.
  • I may of slowed down some, but never fully stopped. I just had to many different places to be, all at the same time. Like on my other Web sites, Ham bands, C.B., Phone, E-mail's, job, & most of all FRIENDS. For TRUE FRIENDS are hard to come by. And once you've found them, you never want to let them go............. M.C.S.
  • I've never even been in one.
  • <ignore>
  • never participated cant type fast enough
  • i stop going to chat rooms i get more sense talking to my dog
  • Because they no longer seemed to be relevant to the original subject, such as Single Parents. It seemed like there were always a bunch of wacky teens acting crazeh.

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