• When people make fun of people because they didnt finish the race
  • 1 the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race. 2 discrimination against or antagonism towards other races. The belief that members of one race are superior to members of other races The belief that members of one ethnic group are superior to members of another ethnic group. The belief that capability or behavior can be racially defined. Aggression or discriminatory behavior towards members of a certain race or races. Aggression or discriminatory behavior based upon differences in ethnicity. Ethnically or culturally discriminatory behavior exhibited by members of the racial, ethnic, or cultural group dominant within a society. The practice of asserting or assuming racially or ethnically defined cultural dominance. The perpetuation of racial, ethnic, or cultural dominance of some groups over others. Opportunity inequality resulting from preferential treatment towards others of a similar cultural background. The act of using political, judicial, civil, and educational systems to oppress one based on their ethnicity.
  • A mixture, depending upon the person holding the attribute, of fear of or hatred for people of the race that is subject of the racism. It is often expressed with violent words or physical violence. The expression seems to be inversely proportional to the stature (overall stature) of the racist.
  • I totaly agree with the following definition by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (1998) defines it as: Racism is an ideology that gives expression to myths about other racial and ethnic groups, that devalues and render inferior those groups, that reflects and is perpetuated by deeply rooted historical, social, cultural and power inequalities in society. Regards
  • Disdain for others who are not like them.
  • Negative feelings towards a person based solely on their skin color, religious background or country.
  • What the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has been preaching to the Barack Obama family for the last twenty years.
  • Hatred or dislike for any person or group of people that are from different ethnic backgrounds to your own.
  • Racism is when you don't like someone because they have a different skin tone, or a strange personality, or maybe just a unusual laugh, or maybe because you have a ratty beard and not a shaved face. Its very hurtful when someone is like that and won't even look at you because they don't like you.
  • Hating people of other ethnic backgrounds
  • racism is someone who isn't comfortable enough with themselves so they have to bring other people down. Those racist people really are the nigs.

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