• Simple, the Law of Love. until everyone lives under the Law of Love and understands what it means there will be racism of one kind or another.
  • The race-baiters like Al Sharpton will never let it die. He has no other job skills to fall back on.
  • When the instinct of "tribal exceptionalism" dies. Actually we are all as homo-sapiens one race, with regional, ethnic and cultural variations. Once i get to know someone, what is most important to me is how they relate to me and others. Eventually the color of their skin, and/or their ethnic heritage are not even a factor in gaining my respect. What I reject is a kind of absolutism in thinking and belief that makes "others" wrong. If there is a thread of mutual dialogue to explore, that's where i will relate from. This divide will most likely exist as long as our ability to misidentify as white/black, believer of this or that, superior or inferior to "other" that is different.
  • For people to stop making it an issue all the time. People need to take personal responsibility for themselves and make themselves responsible for making themselves a better lot in life not expecting "the government" social programs or "others" to do it for them. Prove to the world how awesome your "group" can be by being a good example not looting stores or defrauding the government through programs. Lead by being a good example. And don't define others by their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Or by looks or gender or race politics or religion. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs even if they are different from yours. But do love everyone! We are all brothers and sisters! And... I guess sometimes we fight like siblings. But that person could just as easily be you if you had been in the same situation. And many times I have been and people helped me so I try to help others as well. But I think those who claim to be Christian have the opportunity to step up and let their actions speak for them here. Does your church have a food bank or welfare program you can help with? Even if you don't have money you can donate time to serve in a homeless shelter or Childrens' Hospital. We need to get to know our neighbors (as long as its safe) and help them if we can. And don't believe anything the media tells you.
  • Great Question. John 5:19 tells us that the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. This is why racism exists. Soon Daniel 2:44 will be fulfilled. It says that there will be a kingdom that will crush all others. This is Jehovah God
  • I like the peace sign on fingers best. :).
    • Archie Bunker
      'Cause that always works.
  • Ultimately it will be destroyed by God’s kingdom (Isaiah 2:2). Racism is one of the many methods that Satan used to distract us.
  • Nothing. There will always be one group who dislikes another group based on race. Having a preoccupation with racism is silly. It's like being preoccupied with people who hate chocolate. Sure, you may not get it, but you're not going to change them so just move forward.
  • Maybe someday people will all be mostly genetically homogeneous. Even then, people will likely just focus more on whatever traits still vary. So, I doubt it ever will go away completely. Racism, in terms of the belief that one's own race is superior to one or more others, does seem to be less blatant than it used to be; however, people will always believe that they are more important to themselves than other people are, so there is already a presupposed step down the path that ends at full-on racism.
    • Archie Bunker
      Not to mention the "professional victims" due to their race. As I said above, the race-baiters will never let that go away.

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