• I would highly suggest that you not even play D&D. It's demonic and it has adversely affected many of players. Jack Chick, on his website, discusses some events that have been tied to playing D&D, the full article can be found at the following website: Good luck!
  • From what I know, and I am a novice player myself, a friend of mine showed me a class called an incarnate. But it's still basically a druid but with some different twists and turns. Who knows, if you can dig it up, maybe it'll be what he's looking for, but I may very well be wrong.
  • I suggest posting on the Wizards Community boards linked off the home page at A good board for this question would be either the "Classes" board or the "What's a DM to do?" board. You'll have more luck finding help from an expert there than here. For others: And to dispel rumors spread by ignorance: no, D&D is not demonic. In fact, one of the major themes of D&D is destroying evil. Having played the game I know roleplaying characters gives you a chance to chance to view life from alternative perspectives, which is helpful, not harmful. The "examples" I am aware of also link to substance abuse and alcohol; you have multiple variables involved in these cases which are known for producing altered states of consciousness that have no correlation whatsoever to typical D&D games. Just because you don't understand something doesn't make it evil.
  • I suggest he use a lycanthrop template, you know, a were-something... Wolf, tiger? But you'd have to check what the LA+ is first.
  • Some options. Druid of the Hunt. Pretty much the same spell selection, but NE, so it's a different experience in that way. Berserker of Ruathym (Can't recall the spelling, but it's an island in the forgotten realms. The Berserkers there can shift into an animal form, most often a bear. Doppleganger (Only with an evil campaign though) Any sort of Lycanthrope
  • for a shapeshifter class you could go druid 5, master of many forms. they are in the complete adventurer, they get the ability to pretty much become everything at the cost of spells. a wizard or a sorcerer could become a master transmogrifist, they get better forms and extended time with polymorph.
  • In the 3.0 Masters of the Wild there's a shifter prestige class, which I like best of all I've found. There's also a Master of Many forms prestige class in The Complete Adventurer and and a Shapeshifter prestige class in Oriental Adventures, although that one is geared more for non-druids that want wildhshape. Or you can do what I did recently, make you own shapeshifting class or prestige class. Get with your DM about what's acceptable and what you want, and work it out together.
  • In the Eberron Campaign Setting there is a race called Shifter, that could work for you.
  • If you are experienced enough as a DM to allow monster races, then I'd recommend something like a Doppleganger, who have the ability to turn into anything they wish as long as it's a humanoid template within at least 1 size difference I believe. However, remember as the DM, it's entirely within your right to create a class specifically for him. A shapeshifter is one of my personal favourites, but they are hard to really focus on prior to very high level (16-20 when mages get Shapechange etc).

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