• I'm guessing you should drink more water or take calcium.
  • Alot of times muscle cramping is brought on by low potassium or could try boosting your intake of those :)
  • Get something that has quinine in it. They 2 meds over the counter for cramps. Make sure it has quinine in it.
  • Drink more water. Eat a banana. Stretch well before going to bed.
  • There is a product that I bought that helped my sister with night cramps permanently and also I used it for sciatica with complete success It is made by Natures Inventory and it is for restless leg syndrome. They have one for sciatica also, and maybe cramps, but if they don't, that remedy worked for both.
  • Sometimes it is a sign of not enough calcium. Check it out with your physician. Exercise late in the evening is not helpful, apparently, and over-exercise by day is also. Moderate exercise three times week may help relax her for sleep and reduce the frequency. Life-style is a factor; sitting at a desk or computer all day, or standing at work, not taking at least standing breaks from sedentary work, every hour or so.
  • Per the possible causes: Muscle overexertion Prolonged sitting Dehydration Pregnancy Diabetes Decreased potassium levels Neuromuscular disorders, such as Parkinson's disease Certain medications, such as albuterol, niacin, diuretics, and some calcium channel blockers and antipsychotic medications Alcohol use prevention: Drink plenty of fluids during the day. Stretch your leg muscles before bedtime. Get adequate potassium in your diet.
  • Death tends to cure any known disease, but it can be an inconvenience to most.
  • This might sound crazy, but you should try avoiding nuts (and maple syrup). It works for me, It's the only thing I've found that stops my night cramps, and it goes against what people expect. But I know that if I have something that contains nuts then I will have night cramps.
  • Eat bananas for the potassium and/or take quinine

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