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  • Unless the woman is into pain or she has certain anatomical differences it's usually not the length that matter as long as it's about 5 inches. More often than not the girth is more pleasing if the length hits that magic minimum of 5 inches. i am not much bigger than 5 inches yet I have often had a woman keep having tiny orgasms well after we are done with intercourse. A few have said they never had that before, their pussy was actually still pulsating and that felt different and enjoyable. Eventually I figured out with a woman that is was the width or girth of my penis, a bit of a revelation at the time for me and the woman. If you are talking about the time of how long you can keep an erection and does that please a woman, then that's another story. It's not how long in time, it how sexually aroused she is before you put your penis inside her vagina. The more aroused she is and closer to orgasm the less duration of actual intercourse you need for her to orgasm. Foreplay is what it's all about with the majority of women.
  • Less than 7" long and 6 1/2 had better have a long long tongue and be able to breathe out your ears!
  • after the first 3 inches unless you are big enough to bang into the cervix the woman does not feel anything, so i would say anything over 4 inches is all you need, but then remember you still need to know how to use it.
  • 20 inch. Women are so greedy sometimes.
  • me penis is 3.5 inches erect my wife can't feel it so i use my tounge instead and she as a lover to have full sex with this works for us.

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