• bbq chicken
  • Yeast rolls green bean casserole cheese ball
  • I don't like very fancy foods that people sometimes serve at weddings. I like food that I would eat on a regular day that generally tastes good. Chips and dip or veggies/fruit are good appetizers. Maybe a couple different kinds of meat like steak, chicken cutlet, pork chops, or even salmon. Good luck!
  • Party trays Assorted nuts Cheese and assorted fancy crackers Punch And of course, a big wedding cake, made with pineapple. it was a big hit at our wedding in 1965.
  • Candy Corn Bread crusts (throw the sandwich away) Crab legs with lots of butter.
  • Hot dogs.
  • Vol au Vents, with different fillings Mini sausage rolls King prawn ring with seafood sauce
  • This is ALWAYS good at parties - see
  • I would be happy with spicy hot wings and some potato skins, it don't take much to make me smile.
  • get a cheese tray... I love the pepper jack cheese personally... also steak (though this might get a bit expensive) and of course dinner rolls oh and cake!
  • Crab dip with toasted Pita wedges Crab stuffed shrimp Bacon wrapped Scallops White Chicken Nacho dip, with Tortilla chips Bacon wrapped shrimp Chicken Satay, with peanut butter sauce Bacon wrapped asparagus * Now, I am very hungry.
  • Hi Susan....this link looked pretty good...check it out!
  • Spinach dip (recipe on the back of Knorr Vegetable soup/dip mix) with crusty rye bread - you can serve the dip in a hollowed out loaf Meatballs heated in a crockpot with a mixture of chili sauce and grape jelly - sounds bad but it's really good. Bite-size cheesecakes Not sure what it's called - but you spread cream cheese on ham and wrap it around a scallion, and then slice it - that's good too. You can wrap around pickles too. Plain ole shrimp with cocktail sauce is always good! That's all I can think of at the moment!
  • My favorite appetizer (at least at weddings): scallops wrapped in bacon. Then again, you could do a movie theme and just serve pop corn....make sure it's an open bar:)
  • Pavlova :)
  • I love Dolmas .
  • Whatever you decide, you want to strive for a variety...a variety ingredients (seafood, meats, veggies, breads, cheeses) a variety of textures (smooth, crunchy, chewy) both hot and cold and of course a variety of tastes. A nice cheese plate with three or four varieties including both hard cheese and semi-soft served with a good bread and crackers is always a good staple as is crudite (veggies) with dip. Be sure to include some meat, some seafood and some vegetarian items. As long you mix it up sufficiently, the spread will appear diverse and lavish, and there will be something for everyone. And don't forget, presentation is everything. If you aren't having the event catered, then borrow or rent some interesting serving pieces, present foods in creative ways (use martini glasses or vases) Make sure you have varying heights on the table...and lots of color. Most importantly of all...have fun!
  • I have expensive tastes, m'dear. Huge shrimp (I know, oxymoron), crab ( the real stuff, not that fishy faux monstrosity), guacamole with chunks of avocado, any kind of puff pastry hors d'oeuvres, little skewers of grilled meats, potstickers, tamales, raw veggies with a range of great dips, really great ribs lightly sauced...yep, that would do it for me! :)
  • Im having Asian spring rolls and mushroom puff pastires to be passed during cocktail hour and then im offering a chicken plate and a steak both with rice and green beans
  • a shrimp platter swedish meatballs bacon rolls

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