• My thoughts... This site pretty much says it all: Mary Ann, the famed castaway of Gilligan's Island who represented "the girl next door," was arrested for possession of marijuana and for driving under the influence. She was sentenced to four days in jail, a fine, probation, and community service. Her friend and fellow survivor Gilligan offered the following defense in her behalf: "Mary Ann? A stoner? O remember when we used to watch Dobie Gillis reruns on the coconut TV that the professor made that she always hated that Maynard character. I just don't see her as that kind of girl." The Professor, upon hearing the news, vowed to make a contraption to clear the drugs from her system. He said that he could probably use sand, coconuts, and palm fronds to do it. The Howells pledged to spend the money necessary to put her into a drug treatment center, as long as it didn't cost anything. The Skipper, who first reacted by saying "What trouble did my little buddy get himself into now?" was speechless. Ginger could not be reached for comment as she was looking at herself in the mirror.
  • I always suspected she was a little naughty.
  • It's not really our business, so...
  • Country girls can be a little bad sometimes but she is still okay with me, I would probably do the same thing after being stranded for years. I am sure Ginger has done more, with her being from Hollywood and all. ;) Happy Easter Scooter!
  • There had to be something in that coconut pot pie.
  • So who are you talking about..Mary Ann or Ginger? You first bring up Mary Ann then ask what our opinion is about Ginger.What's up with that? Have you been bad? LOL
  • Not so innocent after all. Then again, wearing shorts like that in the 1960's should have given it away.
  • Still a saint in comparison to PH,ANS,MJ,BS,
  • 'Gilligan's' Mary Ann caught with a dope, Gilligan!
  • She's just a bad girl trying to feel good.
  • Makes me want Mary Ann even more. But Ginger never did ALL that much for me, even as a lad the high maintenance types seemed like a big turn off for me.
  • Has she ever posed nude? heh hehe he I'd like to see that! In fact, now that I'm fantasizing, they should do an xrated Gilligan's Island, where Gilligan goes crazy, kills all the men (and Mrs. Howell), and keeps Mary Ann and Ginger as sex slaves, burns all their clothes, and has them running around naked!
  • Nobody's perfect, she's still my dream girl ! Ginger played the personality that was in love with herself, i don't like that.
  • no, but it probably isnt anyone's business if shes on drugs

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