• Laziness personified. But mumy is enabling the situatuion by doing it.
  • Are u just telling us that u are bothered over it or you are trying to ask something...???
  • Could be that's the way they've settled on for Mom to still feel needed and a part of her son's life. Sons sometimes aren't terribly consistent about communicating with their mothers and including them in some way. On the other hand he could be a Momma's boy and still under Mom's thumb. Are there other signs that Mom must approve his behavior and life choices, or that he feels responsible for her happiness? That would be worth investigating.
  • Um...who do you think is going to be cleaning that house after mommy's gone. GETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!
  • she busy this weekend? I've got a ton of washing
  • Understandably so. Are you comfortable with cleaning his house once his mother is gone? If not, you might want to rethink this.
  • If he's very busy, it's nice that Mom is helping out. But if he does nothing, well....
  • It would bother me as well - move in with him at your peril......unless you don't have a problem sharing him with his mummy. Time to consider a new, more grown-up BF perhaps?
  • i would be to but as a mum she wants to feel needed and hes just accepting her help do both him and his mother is in the wrong here. tell him he should do his own cleaning and maybe show him how?! i would be bothered as well hes lazy and doesnt know how to look after his own things-soon you will be his slave if he does not change
  • i'm not quite sure what advice to give yeh but if it was me and you u was complaining i'd tell you to GET TO IT AND SAVE THAT POOR OL' LADY SOME ENERGY OR SHUT UP...<panting> are we clear?
  • Could it be that you feel threatened in some way because he seems to need to rely on his mother still.? That you'd prefer to be the only person he really needs? And whether our emotions are rational, selfish or whatever, it doesn't make them any less so . Or if the above resonates in some way with you even!! So just throwing it out there as another perspective...
  • Would you like the job?
  • That's pretty sad. Is he in a wheelchair? Can he not move his legs and arms? Brain damage maybe? Well if not, yeah I'd be bothered too!
  • Why? Don't sweat the small stuff, it will only be a waste. Don't make a fuss over this, you might get the job in hast!
  • I would be so turned off I wouldn't even be able to have sex knowing that. Eeew... just the thought of her rolling up his socks into little balls and cutting the crusts off of his sandwiches... cute at 4 but not so much at 34.
  • Nothing wrong with that...a mother's love goes deeper than that. What if he's paying her or not even asking her too. You didn't really say if the b/f is a slouch or anything like that. If Mom is doing it voluntarily than he's one lucky dude but it only bothers you. Ask the Mom and if she is cool with it, and if she it, let it go. Just be prepared for what may be in store for you if you two do get hitched. !!!

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