• I think he loses it when you fight him when he's in the jet and you shoot him down with the Stinger.
  • Solidus loses his eye in Sons of Liberty during the plane fight. Raiden shoots the plane with a Stinger missile. Big Boss NOT Solidus loses his eye WAY before Sons of Liberty. He actually loses his eye before the MSX original. Snake Eater shows how Big Boss loses his eye. Solidus is Big Boss's clone and thus looks exactly like him.
  • Solidus loses his eye after you shot the Harrier down. If i were to explain it more detailed, i don't know if he was poked by a sharp object or it could have been a shrapnel from one of the rockets you fire at him.
  • Solidus loses his eye the first time he confronts Raiden in the Harrier. He probably poked it out with one of those sharp ass corners on his suit. Hideo made him lose the eye so he would resemble Big Boss' loss, which we can thank Revolver for... Actually Revolver is to blame for a lot of this crap. He talked Liquid into going to Shadow Moses (under the orders of Solidus) and he was the one who dug up the original blueprints for Metal Gear REX in the first place. Which evetually led to Metal Gear Rey. And NOW (as Liquid Ocelot) he's trying to do some crap in the middle east.What an instegator. Anyways that's how and why Solidus lost his eye.
  • Soldius Snake Lost his eye during the harrier fight on the connecting bridge of the BIG SHELL complex. It was probably lost due to the shrapnel from the fight or some other means. In either case it was to show how he was a Clone to Big Boss. BIG BOSS aka Naked Snake lost his eye when Ocelot was doing his fancy gun tricks and shot him (It was a side shot and not straight on destroying the cornea making his vision lost). Soldius Snake was the former president of the USA during Shadow Moses and the only direct relation to Big Boss was being his clone. Soldius and Big Boss never met. The only Clone to meet Big Boss was the one that killed him. Our hero, Solid Snake.

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