• The three kids should be suspended and charged with assault.
  • That is terrible and absolutley NOT acceptable. The school should call all three of the kids parents and explain what they have done to your son. Then they should suspend the 3 children and give them probation.
  • Acceptable? Not no where, not no how!!!!!!!! Sit around a table? NO!!!!!!!! I'd demand they were suspended. NOW! Or I would go to the police station and file charges against the school and that teacher too. These boys were out of control! To pull his pants down is humiliating, then to beat him up is nothing but cruel.
  • Anytime Greek God :) i would post a comment but it wont let me because my email isnt recieving the confirmation thing. But yeah, If i were you i would bring it to the board of education and look further into having the teacher fired or something. I dont know what it is with kids these days, but i blame the parents and what type of environment the kids are subjected to. What they did to your son is in no way justifiable.
  • Try to get the school board involved. The teacher needs to be fired and the three punks charged with assault.
  • those kids should be charged with sexual assault and expelled. i dont think the teacher should be charged because, REALLY, what was s/he going to do about it? yell? she can't touch the kids, even to protect your kid. if you want to charge him/her charge the rest of the class too, if no one at all stepped in. the teacher has absloutely no power to stop that situation, try and remember that, she is skrewed either way. and i would move him out of that school but quick. do you think he wants to be there still? ask him about it atleast. its not about to get any easier for him, especially after those other kids recieve their punnishment. their behavior was completely unacceptable. it might be useful for you to find out if there were escalating incidents and keep a record, you might need it later.
  • I agree with the others that the behaviour of the other children is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with. I would, however, advise against going on the attack against the teacher straight away. Although the practice is now changing, it's still the case that a lot of schools will fire the teacher if they intervene physically in any situation. If the boys involved were ignoring their verbal commands, there isn't actually a great deal a teacher in this situation can do without losing their job, possibly their career. While this is the wrong priority from the parental point of view, it's of deep concern, and a deep dilemma, to the teacher. I'd advise starting out with a friendly approach to the school, they'll be much more likely to give you a full and complete story if you appear to want to know their side, and it puts you in a much stronger position to demand they do something about it for next time, if they don't see you as hostile towards them.
  • They did this to your son??? OMG that is terrible, those boys should be suspended right away, i cant believe anyone would be so cruel. I know what i would want to do to them.. i would go and see their bloody parents and tell them what i think. This is surely the behaviour of animals.. god its terrible, what a state the poor boy must be in. how old is he?? And what the hell did the teacher do while this was happening???
  • Demand an investigation into what happened and what the teacher's role was (they may have acted perfectly well they may not, that's why it should be investigated. Also have the kids charged with assault and battery. How that would go depends on the age group.
  • The Three boys should definitely be punished!! It is DEFINITELY NOT acceptable. They should probably be expelled - if not more! (How old are they, can they be punished by the law as well??) The three bullies should (also) have to go to counceling (with their parents) to figure out what in the world would make them do this (and/or go along with it). And to keep it from happening again to anyone in the future.. or worse. That's so awful, sorry to hear that happened to your son. Make sure he talks about it -- he may also want to change schools, ESPECIALLY if any other kids saw. (It may be in his best interest to see a therapist.) I can't believe the teacher didn't stop them. (I know teachers don't have much power now-a-days, but they have enough to do something to stop it, when it was happening!!!)
  • NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! Suspension or expulsion, counseling, and a public apology to your son (at the very least). It's time schools & parents take a stand againt bullying - kids can be so cruel.
  • This actually angers me so much that I can't even begin to explain what would happen. Just to think this happened in front of a teacher who did nothing...This school district's policies and enforcement of rules needs to be re-evaluated along with the reputations and creditials of the staff!
  • first of all i am SO SORRY that this happened to your son, and i'm sorry for you as a parent. the kids should doubtlessly be expelled - my father's principal and i know that's just the first thing he would do next they should be put in juvenile hall for violence as well as sexual harrassment and the teacher...i don't even know where to begin i'd suspend their license and have an investigation as to why nothing happened. those boys should be put on probation once they got out and definitely owe you and your son the greatest of apologies
  • Has anyone talked to the three boys to discover why they did what they did? Wouldnt it be interesting and important to know what the three boys were thinking? Why they picked your son? Is your son considering taking some body building classes? You know so he can kick back next time. Do you think it was an attack on you the parent? Of course it is unacceptable behaviour. somehow the three boys need to be split up. put in different classes. and not allowed to form an aliance at school. and there needs to be some observation of similar groups of boys to see if they are acting with a bully attitude. It could be the tip of the ice berg. someone needs to look at the big picture. the three boys may need psychiatric help. they could be pot smokers, even. or meth heads.
  • Since its the end of the year, suspension would probably be something they would want. You should talk to the principle about what they feel is available and would be effective. Or, you could call the police and charge the kids with assault as it was an assault and could even be considered sexual assault. I am not sure the age of your child but this is pretty brazen of those kids to beat him in front of the teacher, you have to wonder about the teacher. Personally, if it was me, I wouldnt put him back in that school because its obvious the safety of students isnt a priority if kids are beating kids in front of their teachers. And I would charge them, even if nothing came out of it, a good scare with the law is never a bad thing.
  • The punishment should be expulsion from school and refereal of the incident to the district attorney's office for possible criminal charges.
  • Who made the call? The teacher concerned? Another pupil? What you say doesn't really add up. If an act of violence took place with the teacher's consent, then clearly there is something very wrong, and depending on what country you live in, you should take things further.
  • They should introduce school jail term for these bullies because if left unchecked , they'll become serial offenders in society. Bend them while they're still soft.
  • In Pennsylvania, all three would have to be registered as sex offenders under Megan's law. As for beating him up, that would be assault.
  • As a law student I'd say get the kids charged with battery/ABH (depending on how serious the injuries were) and possible sexual assault. Morally I would say they should be strung up by their ankles until they turn blue but thats just me. Unfortunately the teacher has no power in the classroom anymore so there is little they could have done. Hope your son is ok x

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