• I think convicted hackers get the proper punishment already, jailtime and their access to computers monitored or taken away.
  • They cannot access internet for a certain amount of time( 20 30 years)
  • What should the punishment be for convicted criminals and why?
  • Yeah, that's a great question, but such a subjective one. It really should depend on what they did. How much money they lost the target of the hacking. How much effort was required to achieve the hack (if a script kiddie could do it - 20 years is a bit harsh). And then there's the moral element. Should a hacker get a sentence for breaking the content filters of an oppressive regime like communist China so that its citizens can access the internet as freely as we do? What if a hacker uncovered the embezzlement scheme at Enron? What if a hacker made it possible to do what you wanted with the mp3 files you bought online (that were protected with DRM measures)? We could have a season-long TV program on this question alone.

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