• Ooh, a thong would be a bad idea. I'd look like a Barlett pear with a rubber band around the bottom (copyright Drew Carey). I do know what you mean, though. I "lost" several boxers over the last few years, and only recently discovered by accident that they were in my wife's underwear drawer. What do you mean, "What were you doing in your wife's underwear drawer?" What are you implying??!? I was simply looking for the remote. Now go away. I don't owe you any explanations.
  • Boxers are so comfortable to sleep in! I have never had on a pair of 'tighty whities', but those would be good too, I'm guessing. I found boxers to be a mainstay while pregnant. Just the right thing! :)
  • They do? I did not know that.
  • I like to wear boxer briefs. They are very roomy and comfy.
  • Speak for yourself.. umm.. this guy I know borrows thongs all the time.. ya, thats right. A guy I know. Ya..... I've said too much.
  • I know many men who have borrowed a womens thong and even more men that refuse to wear anything else. It's a loaded question and way to one sided. You may not do it but there are many who do.
  • I love wearing mens boxers for the simple reason is that they are soooo comfortable....And your right about men not asking to borrow a thong,but i bet most of ye have tried them on.Correct me if i'm wrong :)
  • I asked my girlfriend and she said she ask because wearing something that was once on my body made her feel even closer to me. she also wears my shirts more than her own even though she is lost inside them. No I would never wear her clothing I just don't fly in that zone.
  • Show pictures of women wearing mens boxer brief,briefs boxer
  • I ask my girlfriend if I can borrow one of her thongs... and before anyone says "ewwww", it's because I find it comfortable - don't knock it till you've tried it!
  • LMAO, because women look sexy in men's underwear and men well, they don't look so sexy in a skimpy little thong!
  • no we don't ask, we just take - not very nice of us
  • Because it makes their buns warmer.
  • I think its just that they find boxers comfortable more then anything. I have some boxers and some tighty whities and more often then not I end up in the tighty whities I might as well just give up boxers since there ussualy in the laundry basket from her bumming them anyway.
  • You'd be surprised. Transvestites, anyone? +
  • Its probably comfortable, she stole most of my boxers before we lived together, I bought more and those walked too. So I sterted wearing tighty whities and then my underwear stopped disapearing for a little while until she realized that those were comfortable too atleast she didnt take those as much though. Now that we live together I can just go grab em back out of her drawer.
  • LOL that equality!
  • not sure but im not one of them

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