• Because we can be..muwhahahaha. Evil we are.
  • Why are you so to the point?
  • Depends on what your defination of rude is....Am i rude for answering this question????hmmm :)
  • Because I am tired of people being like this I wish i could get on here and have people give a little respect
  • You've been here one day and you think we're rude? You want respect? Well, this site is kinda like life in general, in that where respect is concerned, you pretty much get what you earn. Stick around, learn the rules, play by them, and people here will respect you in time.
  • It is our diet here in America. Hey, if you ate this junk it would make you rude too!
  • Because we don't suffer fools lightly.......
  • Why do you think people here are rude? A quick check of your profile shows not much activity and nothing that looks rude to me. Let me know
  • This is the first time I've seen you here and I know we haven't interacted. I haven't run into any rude people at all since I've been here just today, my time oh, 5 AM. I've answered dozens of questions and not one rude person. Maybe it is the way you are reacting that needs to change. Possibly you are only presuming people are rude when they really aren't. Or maybe it's your behavior that bring it out of them. Respect is often a two-way street for some people.
  • Depends on the questions asked, but if you look at many of my answers, I don't answer questions about illegal drugs, so how is that rude? (Could also be YOUR demeanor - The way you ask and comment on questions and answers. Personally, I don't recall seeing you around, so where do you get "YOU ALL?" Of course, when people generalize and make sweeping allegations, it makes EVERYONE feel so happy to have you here *dripping sarcasm if you didn't catch that*. Now... If you will ask questions without that freaking chip on your shoulder (How do you assume we are ALL rude ALL the time based on the length of time you've been here?) then we can all get off to a better start.
  • There are very, VERY few rude people day is not anywhere near long enough for you to make such a judgement. If you want respect...earn it, like everyone else does. Respect is not automatic.
  • It's just me. I'm the only one. It just seems like it's a lot that are.
  • try yahell answers, the admin there will drive you nuts! :)
  • You must have never met me ;)
  • Please give me one example of how I'm rude.
  • I am sorry i offended some of you i didnt mean that all of you were rude Only a few of you were.

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