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  • Sure why not, my man can do what ever he wants, and i will always like it.
  • Good question! When I masturbate to porn, I like to cum with the guy who is in the porno. It's that climax that brings the movie to an end that creates my climax. Although I hate it when he squirts on her face, ruins it for me... During sex, I always like to watch him cum. The expression on his face! Priceless. Especially because I know I'm the reason, it makes it that much better.
  • Yes thats the best part of sex to me especially if it shoots instead of dripping
  • The event is the coolest thing a penis does. I love it. It has fascinated me since I first saw it happen. I love to cause it :) The event is WAY better in real life then on a cam or movie. And semen rocks!
  • haha yesss, i love to see hes enjoying it, its my favorite!!!!!
  • Sometimes, it's fun to watch my husband cum that way. It's different than what I experience, so it's like a curiousity thing.
  • Lightly touching the tip of a man's hard cock and triggering the spurts of cum is truly the most sexually satisfying experience I've had. I love to see him wiggle his hips as he lays on the bed, responding as he feels the pulsing pressure build. (He always asks me of I want to see it happen---which I love!) I run my fingers lightly around the rim of his head, maybe gently cup my other hand under his balls--then the Event happens. I continue to lightly stroke my hand on his cock, matching the rhythm of his pulses so I can tease every drop out of him. Knowing that I have this power over him makes me shiver.
  • i do on cam and females like it
  • If you ladies like to watch, then feel free to look me up on Yahoo messenger.
  • Even as a guy I like to watch a penis shoot. I love watching my own dick squirt cum, I love watching my woman watching my dick squirt, and when I watch porn I time my own orgasm to that of the porn cumshot. So yeah, even as a guy I love it!
  • I love watching him cum.....the best part :)
  • Watching a man cum is a wonderful sight.
  • it is sooo much fun to watch a man stroke. I enjoy watching the nipples being stroked by a man too! The best by far is his facial expressions when he is exploding... very, very enjoyable to watch. Your question is awesum!!!
  • Yes, especially if it's all over me!
  • When watching a porn, thats my favorite part, I time my load to his.
  • Yes I do :)
  • just by seeing my man cum or just holding on to his balls while they pulsate cum into my mouth will actually get me sooooo aroused i feel like im going to cum on myself lol
  • i love ejaculating
  • I love watching myself cum, somtimes all over me or the mirror I am in front of masturbating. I like seeing other men cum either in person or on movies or pictures. Happily married many years.
  • I love to watch my cock shoot a load, makes my mouth water because I know I will be swallowing every drop.mmm
  • I love it, there's few things better. It's a very visual orgasm, what's not to love? Especially when it's a moose-huge dong blowing almost a cup of jizz all over the place.
  • luv watching my guy shoot a load and I have filmed it a few times.
  • Thank you Big Daddy for your question. Yes I do, especially when the owner of the erect penis orders me to sit on the floor in front of him, put my hand round his manhood, point it at my face, and masturbate him until he is unable any longer to prevent himself from shooting a huge load of his lovely tangy tasting thick creamy cum all over my features. To see several spurts heading my way, and feel their impact, is simply out of this world. Sometimes I am permitted to remove his gift with my finger which I then put in my mouth to savour the taste before swallowing same, however, more often he will need to relieve his full bladder, and then he orders me to hold a large empty bowl directly under my chin, smiles at me and says, "don't worry I will wash it all off for you", he then directs a stream of his golden nectar all over my face, so that when he has finished I am able to drink his delicious double offering. Afterwards I always thank him profusely for allowing me the honor of being used by him in this way. faceunder1, a Woman's toilet, and sex slave to be used for your pleasure.
  • I love to watch a man ejaculate.
  • mmm I love it! Looks delicious and taste delicious best part :)
  • It's the only reason I put up with all of the boring sex in pornos. I Love to watch the cum shoot out. I have alsays enjoyed watching my husband ejcaulate too.
  • I have always enjoyed watching it shoot out. My husband shoots very strong large loads. If he is going to masturbate in bed, he has to tell me when he is going to cum so I can watch. He can come within a couple of inches of sucking himself and will shoot right into his mouth or on his own face. I can't explain it, but I hate it on me, in me or in my mouth, but I love to watch it blast out and get all over him.
  • Yes it is sexy but I prefer in me
  • Seeing his cum spurting out is erotic, but feeling it spurting into me is much better..
  • My girlfriend loves to watch me cum and so do I. When we watch porn together every cumshot get me harder and hotter until I cum with one of them and that usually makes her cum.
  • anyone want 2 see a pic of my penis with a load
  • I made some vids of me cumming ( I was bored) hope you enjoy!
  • I love to watch my man cum.

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