• Yes. first, you are committing a deception. once discovered, any employer would not hire you. why were you terminated? was it for just cause? tell the truth. i guarantee somebody, somewhere, at some time, will recognize you and bring up your past termination. this also will be discovered, if a background check is run on you. you cannot hide it and it may cost you the job, you are seeking. Include the termination on your resume. add an additional paper, if necessary, to explain the termination. being honest, up front, may or may not land you the job. at least, you would not have to live in fear of being later discovered.
  • You need to outsource your job references if you were fired and forget about putting them on a resume. THEY DO CALL. I used this company to outsource my references after I got fired for using the company gas card for my personal car.
  • I agree with the first answer. Also it looks like you are trying to hide something. Which you are. Get that out in the open very quickly and smoothly. (If you didn't rob the company), it can't be that bad. Everyone has been terminated at one point. An employer is looking for all the dirt it can find on you before an interview,during interview, and during the choosing. Don't give them anything that will make them wonder, however, and this is a big however, don't tell all, like they are your best friend...........there, you may never see them again.!
  • anything is possible, just hope they dont find out

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