• As far as i know. No not a good idea. There is no need for that.
  • Bad idea.
  • No need to, it is used just to help clean your gunk out of the engine, if you keep the oil changed at regular intervals-everything will be alright.
  • Don't do it it's a bad idea.
  • If you have any warrantee it will immediately become void. What's more the engine was designed for motor oil of a certain type. The transmission fluid might allow damage.
  • Trans fluid can be used as a engine additive to help clean the engine of deposits.It has its disadvantages thou,for high miled cars it actually can cause harm.It will actually rob you engine of some deposits it needs.So no I do not recommend if its an older high miled car.
  • This is done just BEFORE you change the oil-add the tranny fluid run for 10 or 15 minutes,then change the oil and filter,this is done to remove excess gunk from the engine before the new oil is added.

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