• Perhaps it means really good gatherer. I try to think of the glass as half full.
  • If you mean Indian, as in someone from India, then often the reason they do not eat a cow and have food for a little while is so they can have milk for years. Often the reason they do not eat a chicken for one meal is so that they can have eggs for many meals. These habits and customs found their way into religion and even popular culture over the years. And trust me, you don't want to eat a pig unless you know what it has been eating. Many pigs in other countries actually live in and eat out of the open sewers. I wouldn't eat one, either. By the way, I am not from India and I am not a vegetarian. I eat lots of meat.
  • An awesome person. Someone who is conscious of the way that animals are treated in industrial farming. Someone who realises its perfectly natural to eat meat, but chooses not to because of the torture, humiliation, pain, misery, suffering and disrespect of animals. All brought about by the greed of certain money obsessed corporations and the ignorance of the (somewhat uneducated) mass public. people opposed to the harm of animals for leisure pleasures. ex: food- including chicken and fish (they're animals too!), accessories, hunting, shoes, bags, etc.. Also, someone who realizes that 99% of the animals that have ever lived have died and that we've done anything but help in their protection. A fabulous excuse one comes up with so that one does not have to undergo the act of consuming unpleasant meats (served in some party). Originates from an Indian word meaning "Bad Hunter" Vegetarian – that’s an old Indian word for 'lousy hunter.' — Andy Rooney The above meanings are western interpretations for that word. Traditionally, Brahmins in India are vegetarians. Vegetarian diet is considered to be most ideal for priests and Yogis according to the Upanishads.
  • I never thought that, that could very well be.
  • Hog farming is the worst.
  • It was probably the women who figured out that using greens and berries and nuts might be beneficial..especially since they were probably stuck with skinning and cleaning and cooking the "meat" that the great mighty hunter brought home from the "kill". I'd much rather cook up a pot of greens than have to do the prep necessary to cook a dinosaur! :)
  • No - its an old Native American word meaning "Those who are priviledged enough to make some sorta religion outta sustenence - esp. other people's".
  • The word vegetarian, coined by the founders of the British Vegetarian Society in 1842, comes from the Latin word vegetus, meaning "whole, sound, fresh, or lively," as in homo vegetus-a mentally and physically vigorous person. The original meaning of the word implies a balanced philosophical and moral sense of life, a lot more than just a diet of vegetables and fruits.
  • Vegetarian is an English. It short for tree hugging weirdo's.

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