• the birth of my son nearly 7 yrs ago..
  • My birth "I'd like to take this time to thank my Mother and my Father for making me possible"
  • The one that made the biggest impact on me, emotionally, and my life was my mother's death. That was almost ten years ago, and on several levels, I can't get past it. I wonder if I ever will.
  • My father's passing....very difficult, but helped me stand on my own 2 feet
  • meeting my mr. right
  • Having my boys!
  • Loosing my one and only child 13 years ago at age of 21. Even after all this time I'm still struggling with it.
  • I think when my sister got married. It's not about me, but it has made me realize that I'm no longer that young. I have to grow up!!!
  • I am struggling with this question and should not even attempt to answer it, but I will. I think the older you get the more difficult it is to "rank" events. My marriage, my childrens' births and marriages, my parents' deaths, my grandchildrens' births to name just a few. How can I pick just one? Laugh if you wish, but my 5 dogs' deaths through the years...I think I must just savor and honor each event rather than trying to find the most important. Good question Jessica...
  • Today was one of them, as silly as it may seem.

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