• Clinic Amigo Dental with Dr.Alfonso Martinez. Great Dentist friendly, speaks english & very affordable. Close to the bridge next to the in between Benavidez & Irish Pub ( where Blancas White was) I went to like six diffrent dentist asking for prices I was assisted imedietly, best of the clinics I visited and gave me the best brice.
  • Try Greengos Dental Care! They have a very nice American style office with TVs at each chair. I have had a very pleasant experience there. Liz
  • I second lizinva. Greengos Dental Care ( really lives up to it's slogan: An American Dental office in Mexico. They had a very expensive looking office, and the staff all spoke english, and the prices were great. Right now they are even offering a discount.
  • it depends on what dental treatment you want or need. Check out dentalimplantsfriends com, they list top dentists in Mexico
  • Try this one Dr.Javier Saldivar DDS. 7 Entre Abasolo Y Matamoros
  • Stay away from Matamoreos it is too dangerous at this time. Go to Nuevo Progresso about 30 miles to the west. Excellent dentists. I forget the name but take the first street to the left after you cross the bridge. It is about a block down the street. Just be sure you are back out of Mexico before dark.

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