• No idea. I had 3 speeding tickets, but luckily never got any points on my licence. No idea why though... Guess I was lucky...
  • 1) I have no clue about the exact meaning. Typical restrictions could be: - "The holder may only operate a motorcycle during daylight hours" - "The holder may not carry any passengers." - "restrictions to individuals with disabilities that adversely affect the normal operation of a standard-equipped vehicle, or other restrictions tailored to accommodate the individual’s specific needs." "Restrictions may be placed on a driver’s license for a variety of reasons. These restrictions allow persons to operate a vehicle, but only under conditions that ensure safety to the driver and to the public. The most common restrictions are placed on a license based on vision screening and appear in the lower left-hand corner of the driver’s license and are described on the back of the license. Refer to the Vision Screening section of this manual. Please contact your license branch for information about restrictions on a driver’s license. Some restrictions on a driver’s license are: D Automatic transmission | 3 Photo exempt U Power steering | 4 Special BMV restriction V PP Chauffeur (taxi only) | 5 Conditional K CDL Intrastate only | 6 Interlock ignition device P Class C Public Passenger | 7 Seat belt exempt (medical condition) L Vehicle without air brakes | 8 Medical condition (require medication)" Source and further information: Further Indiana specific information: - "Getting an Indiana Driver Record" - "Digital Drivers License" 2) "Suspensions and Restrictions can be for an indefinite period of time. Drivers remain on an indefinite suspension or restrictions until certain requirements are met and approval is given for full driving privileges. For example; If a driver fails to appear for a Department reexamination, they are suspended indefinitely until they appear at a re-exam." Source and further information:

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