• Has she ever felt good about herself? Ask her, What was different about that time? How did she come to feel good about herself at that time? Listen to what she says, that's your answer. There is however a bigger question, does she want to feel good about herself? Does she want her thoughts changed? You can't assume these without asking. If she does, ask, and listem. There are some great resources for building self-esteem, such as: and many others.
  • Personally i think many woman are contrary and dont realise it why dont you take her out and make love in the car in a place where you may be seen or have a naked picnic many times if you create sitauations where they get excited and orveride their inhibitions they turn out to be suppressing the opposite so what is the opposte of her feelings and try to make things happen that way she is probably sup[pressingt the opposite
  • I read somewhere that if a woman does that, all it does is point out to the guy what her flaws are, and that doesn't help her any. I say go buy her a subscription to Cosmopolitan. They're the ones that I read it in.
  • Get her involved in a life of the mind.
  • My wife was that exactly. My wife has always been hot, but she never felt that way. I tried telling her and I always complimented her, but she assumed I would say that even if it was not true. So, what we did was join a gym. She is my workout buddy and she feels better about herself. She even has her friends telling her she looks great. We have fun at the gym, she feels better, and she gets the compliments from her friends which means the most. This was a win, win, win, situation. If you use this, be careful. Tell her she needs to join the gym for you and don't mention it will help her.

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