• Now that you mention, I've gotten several "invitations" from people I don't know on Fanbox. I don't know one person who uses that site.
  • And I thought I was the only one getting these emails. I do not have a clue what is up with that. I have never even gone to the FaxBox website. When you figure out what is going on please let me know! :)
  • I did get a few of them but since I don't know anyone from there I didn't open them ... I thought my lady had had something to do with it but she swears she didn't ... so as my friend redcatt says ...its a plot!!!
  • yes...and I can't get the f****ing thing to is spam like in its persistence..I have blocked it from sending but it gets through..I have gone onto the fan box website and tried to cancel my name etc..and nothing happens or it refuses to take me to the correct page...I am getting really pssed about this one...thanks for making me realize that it isnt just me:)
  • I have been receiving them as well, although I may be a special case because I was invited by another AB member to the site. I have deactivated my profile and we'll see if that spares me from further Fanbox spam.
  • Yeah, me. What the fuck is that crap?
  • Yes, I'm getting all sorts of "So and so has asked you a question on FanBox" emails. I don't know most of them, but now I'm just sending them to my spam folder. Enough's enough. I thought it was only people from your email list that got the questions.
  • I have been getting those also. Some are from people I know, but many lately aren't. I have never answered or clicked on any of those FanBox questions. I'm not even sure what FanBox is. That's why I haven't been there.
  • I haven't received any. Woo hoo, no spam.
  • Huh, I haven't gotten any. I checked my AB mailbox, and no spam is there.
  • Actually now you mention it.. well this hunk from Oz has sent me an email via Fanbox.. desperate to be my friend, and i dont know him from Adam!! I mean this guy is seriously hunky and 23 years old - i wish i DID know him haha, but i dont even know how he managed to get in touch with me!
  • I am happy to say I have not, although I rarely join any of those groups, I joined facebook once, and then left I kept getting friends added request from people I haven't talked to nor wished to speak with since grammar school! lol!
  • I am thinking the new chat with yahoo has caused alot of spam... any ideas on how to delete the FanBox account?
  • Oh yes, and your question just brought up a touchy subject, it is nothing more then a new blood sucking social networking site, one that drains the very life out of your computer.A while back I had received an e-mail from a friend asking me about movie trivia, the -email said that my friend wanted me to go to Fanbox and answer the question.As soon as you click on the link to reply to the question, it automatically creates an instant account, whenever you log in,as long as you put your e-mail in , it doesn't even matter if your password is correct, it will still log you in. My bf also got scammed too innocently like myself, we were stuck in this virtual Hell, there was no way to even delete the account,they made sure that it would be damn near impossible to find a way to leave. We spent days trying to figure how to delete this virtual Hell(Fanbox), so we figure we would stay and deal with it until we could figure out how to get out. A normal day on Fanbox,while trying to write a blog about how bad fanbox stinks, I get bombarded with several different IM messages at once, another feature that they set up that you can't disable.Another wonderful feature they have is the privacy feature for your photos,you can set it for some friends, friends only, private or everyone, guess what?, it doesn't matter what you set it for, its virtually stuck on PUBLIC, now if thats not infuriating !! Apparently you can write whatever you like in your blogs, as we did, I even wrote some nasty and offensive language on purpose thinking that if it was of offensive nature that they would automatically ban my account, not happening at fanbox, anything goes. There are many young people on there, those poor unsuspecting people have no clue what they are going to be up against, again as soon as you join fanbox, you get instant invitations from their friends,they are dummy accounts ,using pretty girls pictures that have an astounding 800,000 views, so they must be pretty popular and a must have as a friend on your list.Fanbox is nothing more than a glorified porn site,I had seen enough naked body parts there to last me a lifetime, I kept x'ing off the incoming IM messages because I got sick of people asking me to send them my email with photos and asking me if I wanted to cam. There is a way to delete the account but it takes 24 hours before it is totally deleted.I finally happened upon a SMS setting which would allow me to delete that account, I thought sms was only related to mobile phone affiliations, so even though we had seen it before as an opt out, we ignored it.Until one day, as my bf and I sat here on our computer carefully going over every aspect of the account settings, we figured we would try the sms option, well low and behold, all of a sudden, our screens said that our profiles were locked to private!!! Success!!! Well at least I thought it was kind of, I forgot to delete my personal photos,so I guess now that my pics will be floating around aimlessly in fanbox.If you delete your account make sure you edit all your photos,before you leave!! My advice to people with young teens and small children that have access to the computer at home, is go to Staples and buy a program ( software), called "Cyber Family Alert",its about about 29 dollars, but well worth the money when you consider the safety of your family members as well as the integrity of your computer. This program takes five minutes to download and is easy to use, it hides itself behind your screen monitor and tracks and records all activity on your computer. Any pictures you see ,the computer software sees, any application used , it records, it also records instant messenger conversations, any of those type of instant messaging places.Every keystroke the program records and plays back for you to see,a great software for every family to have around. Sorry I got a little offtrack here, but I just want to get the word out about fanbox, they should be hung by their toenails for how they scam innocent people, have a great day!! Barbie
  • Well Fanbox is a relatively new website.They want to get as many members and visitors as possibles that's why they are spamming.Don't know whether they are safe or not these type of spammers often sell private records of there users.They are also often responsible for sending viruses via e-mail. I have also recieved 3 mails from them but now I have black listed it so I am not recieving any more.Thanks goodness.
  • I haven't gotten anything from Fanbox but today I received an email regarding my "account" where they asked for my password. I immediately put them in "Junk", and deleted it, but the thing is, it was sent to my Answerbag email address; one I never use anywhere but here.

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