• Mine is to eat what I'm craving - but not pig out. I just have a small handful of whatever it is, and then leave more for later.
  • Go to sleep. ;-) Or find something that requires concentration to keep you busy until the cravings pass.
  • AB helps me not think of food...... Oh hungry now D=
  • The secret is to snack on healthy food items. Light snacks throughout the day and a healthy portioned meal in the evening is a good healthy habit to build on. Trail mixes, fruit, veggie, yogurt, or other snacks throughout the day will help stifle your bad cravings. Stay away from soda's and vitamin and electrolite drinks, have tea, chocolate milk, or fruit juice instead. During the evening have a sensible portioned meal of whatever you like, and preferably a non-fat or low fat dessert if you wish.
  • Go look in a mirror, thsts wnst i would do. ha
  • Have a little bit and throw the rest away.
  • 2-11-2017 Figure out how much fat you want per day and get it all for the first meal. Fat slows digestion so you have a steady supply of energy all day and you don't get hungry between meals. You need to read some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right. A craving for sugar indicates not enough protein in the diet. You should be eating about 0.4 gram of complete protein per pound of body weight every day, counting only 6 grams per egg, 12 grams per glass of milk, and 24 grams per quarter pound of meat. Eat veggies with every meal, or whole grain bread every day, to keep your bowel movements regular.

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