• A CDL is not required to drive a commercial motor vehicle on private property. Many small trucking companies will allow unlicensed employees to operate CMVs around the yard, pulling in and out of wash or repair bays for example. In fact, being a "yard jockey" is a good way to gain some experience in driving big trucks, as long as the employee is old enough to do so according to labor laws.
  • A cdl is not required in some states. it is required in others. Even though you drive the truck on private property, the inevitable can and will auto accident. most police depts. do not now answer property damage accidents on private property, unless there is a hit and run with witnesses, or personal injury. your situation is mainly a liability issue for you and your employer. The police do enforce traffic laws on private property. these are mostly reckless driving violations. The point here is may not need a license in your state. check with the dept. of motor vehicles. If you are involved in a persoanl injury accident and its your fault, you can be assured of a lawsuit. and, part of that lawsuit will include you, without a cdl and without proper training to operate said truck. some attorney will use this against you and the company where you work. its better to be safe than sorry. get the cdl booklet, study, and take the test. who knows? you may leave this employment and start driving one of the big rigs.....over the road.

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