• wel i'm still in highschool, and its pretty safe to say that i ahve never changed to have friends.I still have friends,but they are real friends, bot someone who likes me b/c i play football, or dress a certain way.
  • I didn't have to change. My classmates were very good-natured people who welcomed everyone with open arms. It was me who was an a**
  • I would say the opposite happened for me. About high school was the time I finally started feeling comfortable with myself, and decided to be myself regardless of what people thought just so I could have friends.
  • Not much...which probably explains the conservative number of friends that I had :)
  • None. Don't like me for what i am, leave me alone.
  • I had no friend so therefore no change was required.
  • Consciously, not one bit. I'm me, and even though I don't always like that, there's no point in trying to be someone else.... I love my friends and they think I'm slightly insane :] Wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Not at all. People either like me or didn't and I found a few very nice people. I've never had large numbers of friends and have been very happy. Just being popular means nothing in the long run.
  • Not much at all. I did a lot of changing in middle school, but by high school I just didn't care anymore.
  • Not at all, I had the same best friends since 2nd grade
  • I change but for some reasons. Like maybe i saw something i don`t like in her or she`d suddenly changed from the girl i used to know as a friend to something else so i believe its good to change friends not exactly abandoning the former,but trying to get more in other to have friends some friends indeed and some just friend for fun.
  • By high school, I reckon I had come into my own. 'Always be a first-rate version of yourself as opposed to being a second-rate version of someone else' Grew up with that, thankfully people around me agreed.
  • Not at all. That didn't make me popular but I wasn't the one getting tossed in the dumpster either.
  • It was a very long time ago. I lived in a small town where everyone pretty much knew each other. I had a lot of friends, but I don't think I ever gave into peer pressure. I think I had a lot of friends because I was open minded and non-judgemental to a degree. I never bit my tongue about letting someone know what I thought of their bullying others. Although, there really wasn't much of that in my school or maybe they hid it when I was around. I'm sure there are things that happened that formed who I am today. And maybe there are subtle changes or behaviors I adapted because it was rewarded by deepening friendships or by gaining respect. I just don't remember what those things would have been or how much of a change it was.
  • None at all. We had moved so many times (11 schools before high school) before I entered high school, I no longer cared. Moving that much really does teach just to be yourself. Every school is different, different things make you 'cool'. Being yourself is easier, and you also will like yourself better which is the truly important part. High school is only four years of your life, you have alot of living with yourself after your school years are over.
  • I used to be shy and quiet, but I'ved learned to get out of my shell. My style changed. I changed from wearing geeky clohtes(cardigans, sweaters, short pants, and collared shirts) to emo/goth style.
  • Not at all.
  • None -- I had no friends then, have none now. Had plenty of enemies, though. Didn't change to keep them, neither.

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