• To attend medical school, you can use any 4 yr bachelor's degree. however, you need pre-reqs that may not be in an engineering school curriculum (o-chem, biochem, etc) HTH
  • Sure, you'll have a much harder time getting in, though, and probably will be required to take other classes before attending, unless you managed to work in the upper level biology/chemistry classes while doing engineering, which at least at my college would have been impossible without a fifth year.
  • Sure... you just have to work a little harder. If you get a B.S. in bio-engineering or a similar engineering discipline, it wouldn't be so hard. You may want to take a few classes in biology, chemistry, anatomy, or any other fields that a particular med school wants. Also, consider volunteering or interning at a hospital to add to your resume/CV. I think it is most important that you study for the MCAT and do very well. If you have a great MCAT score and good grades (from any undergrad major), you will probably get in. I know someone who had a bachelors in philosophy and did really well on the MCAT... he got into the medical school at the University of Pittsburgh.

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